Most tweens and teens look forward to their church youth group outings. Outings to play laser tag, go cosmic bowling or attend a ball game are usually well-attended, and bigger events like a trip to the amusement park or overnight camping are always a hit. These types of events are excellent vehicles for fellowship and building relationships between participants and leadership. Often, youth become involved because of the connections they made with friends on these types of outings, so they definitely serve a purpose in youth ministry.

While building relationships and forging friendships with other Christian youth in the community are both valid reasons to hold youth group outings, the true blessings for youth come from those outings that truly make an impact on the hearts of the young folk who attend. These are the outings that the kids return from excited for Christ – hungry to serve and eager to learn. As a Christian parent, you don’t want your child to miss out on any event that could lead him to a new or newly found relationship with our Lord.

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3 KJV

Serving Others

Through service to others, we grow to understand and appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. However, even if a youth has been raised in a household that sets great value in serving others and encourages or even requires it of all family members, the efforts may come from obligation rather than the heart.

Youth group trips that ask for volunteers to help at a shelter, work in a soup kitchen or collect and distribute toys, blankets, food or clothing provide young people with the opportunity to serve willingly from the heart rather than out of obligation. Often, it’s at outings like these where youth commit to help and work hard to follow through that they discover a true passion for serving others for Christ.

Youth Rallies And Concerts

Anyone who has ever attended a youth rally knows the rush is better than any roller coaster ride. Being part of dynamic praise and worship while surrounded by peers is a thrilling experience like none other. Rallies can be evening, all-day or overnight events, with time for ministry and worship mixed with lots of fun activities.

Attending a Christian concert can be another very meaningful outing for a youth group. As a parent, you want your child’s heart to be transformed by God’s Word. During praise and worship, this takes place through song, and what better way to strengthen youthful passion for music than to attend a live concert featuring a favorite Christian artist?

Youth Outreach

Reaching out to other youth in the community can be another youth group outing that your child won’t forget. Tailgate parties, picnics, beach parties, canoe trips, pool parties, movie nights and lock-ins can be fun events for tweens and teens to begin with, but using one of these activities as a vehicle for outreach can be a very meaningful experience for all involved.

To be successful, the youth need to be involved in the planning process as well as the execution, deciding on the event, planning the activities, inviting other youth in the community to attend and finding the resources to fund the event, either through donations or fundraising.

Community Service

Community service is another way to reach out to the community. Some youth groups commit to making a difference in the community by serving as a group to clean up a playground, paint over graffiti or help as a group at a large community event, like a marathon, Easter egg hunt or parade. These are excellent opportunities for youth group members to invite friends to help with the cause, giving them a way to “try out” the group and see what it feels like to be part of a ministry.

Are your kids active in their youth group? Make sure they’re getting the most out of their experience by encouraging them to participate in these activities.

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