Know of any good Bible study resources for singles? *

Okay, let the record show that just because you email us a question it does not mean that we’re going to create a blog post about the contents of your question. We promise.

It just so happens we’ve gotten some pretty good questions lately, and they seemed to be centered around topics we thought the entire community could both advise and benefit from. You know, the whole two is better than one thing.

A reader asked us about Bible study resources for single Christians. She wanted to know if we knew of any Bible studies that included dealing with loneliness and the pressure to be in relationships in order to have value.

We did some digging, and we came up with some resources for those of you who are looking for similar studies. You should know, though, much of our research resulted in books more than studies with fill-in-the-blanks and weekly homework (a la Beth Moore or Experiencing God).

But, we’re confident that we’re all fully capable of making our own fill-in-the-blank worksheets if one of us just has to have something to keep up with in order to feel like a true Bible study has taken place.

Not all of these deal with the specific problems the reader asked about, but we wanted to share as much as possible. Here’s what we found:

Resources on Being Single in Christ — Just last week, Justin Taylor from The Gospel Coalition published this list “for those who are struggling and for those who are looking for theological foundations to this discussion.” As far as we know, this list includes some of the most solid material out there.

Books and Bible Study List: The Singles Network Ministries — Kris from The Singles Network Ministries has put together an extensive list of both books and Bible studies dealing with various topics of singleness. From engagement to divorce to single parenting to sexuality to contentment to finances, we can’t think of a singles topic that is missing from this list.

InTransit — While not specifically for singles, it certainly applies. This traditional study workbook is focused on the “great purpose in the waiting. God uses those times to sharpen our sense of awareness and to teach us a better understanding of His timing and faithfulness.”

Birds and Bees — We’re Greg Matte fans. Dude’s legit. This new study of his “unpacks 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 to help us better understand God’s purpose and design for sex and sexuality – whether you’re single, dating or married.”

Being God’s Man as a Satisfied Single, the Every Man Series — Another study in Stephen Arterburn’s Every Man series. Like InTransit and Birds and Bees, this study has questions for participants to answer, as well as group discussion questions for anyone facilitating the study.

What about you? What Bible studies have you participated in that were specifically geared toward singleness? Would you recommend them to others? Why or why not?


*This article was originally written/published by the author under the title “Books and Bible Studies for Christian Singles .”

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