“Remember, whatever you focus upon, increases… When you focus on the things you need, you’ll find those needs increasing. If you concentrate your thoughts on what you don’t have, you will soon be concentrating on other things that you had forgotten you don’t have — and feel worse! If you set your mind on loss, you are more likely to lose. But a grateful perspective brings happiness and abundance into a person’s life.”

~ Andy Andrews

What is your perspective today? What are you focusing on? Are you caught up in the craziness of last minute shopping, wrapping and preparing? Are you caught up in the wishes of what you could have bought, wish you’ll get or simply can’t have?

I would challenge you to take 5 minutes today to stop and focus on the things you have and can be thankful for. Even more, I would challenge you to focus on a thankfulness that God loves you right where you are, just like you are. Be grateful that you can do nothing to make God love you more or less!

Be grateful that you are still breathing and moving today… after all, that means God still have a plan and purpose for your life!


*This article was originally written/published by the author under the title “Gratitude Day 24.”

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