What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me – practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:9

We should live lives worthy of imitation. Paul didn’t merely say practice what you have learned from me. He added the critical phrase “and seen in me.” He said imitate my life. Imitate what you’ve seen me do. Copy the way I interact with others and love others. Imitate the way I suffer joyfully for Jesus.

Not do as I say, but do as I say and as I do. Nothing hurts the cause of Christianity as much as hypocrisy. In the world talk is cheap. Hypocrites want to see the goods. They want to see that if Jesus is real how has he changed our lives?

So here are some questions to ask ourselves today:

What do I want people to imitate about me?

What would I not want people to imitate about me?

What do I see in others that I want to imitate?

Would people say I am loving? Joyful? Cheerful? A person of faith? Compassionate and sympathetic? An encourager? A servant? Someone who considers others more important than himself or herself?

Here’s a question I really like: what would I want others to say about me at my funeral?

What would your coworkers or fellow students say about you? What would they say was worth imitating?

Parents – in what ways do you want your children to imitate you? What would you not want them to remember and imitate?

Lord Jesus, help me live a life worth imitating today, for your honor and glory. Make me like you, Jesus.

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