When I used to think about the word “worship,” what typically came to mind was worship music. Worship to me was the band on stage at the weekend service or uplifting praise and worship songs on my local Christian radio station. But over the years, I’ve come to realize that worship is far more than just a style of music. Worshiping God involves everything He created. If you really think about that, it opens the door to unlimited ways of worshiping our Creator. When we are using His creation as He intended it to be used, we are worshiping Him.

Our Bodies As Worship

This means that worship also involves our entire body. How we speak to and about others affects our worship because not only does our mouth belong to Him, but the people we are talking to or about belong to Him.

Our hands and our feet are active participants. Raising our hands in church is not the only form of worship our hands can achieve. What about the cup of water given in Matthew 10:42? We use our hands to worship God when we use them to do the things He has instructed us to do: care for the widow, the fatherless, the immigrant and the poor.

Our mind is also a tool in worship. Naturally, our thoughts play a key role here, but this also entails using the knowledge God has given us. This includes not just the knowledge of His word, but of all aspects of life. Science, nature, business, psychology, recreation, art, media, etc. … it should all point back to Him.

Sexuality & Worship

But what about our bodies in relation to us as sexual beings? Can sex be a form of worship to God as well? Just as in all other areas of our body. the answer is yes, provided we are engaging in it according to how the Creator designed it to be engaged in.

I have no intention of taking you down a political rabbit hole, so I will go no further than to say that God’s design for sex is within marriage and not outside of it. In the world of marriage that my wife and I are actively involved in, namely stepfamilies, cohabitation prior to marriage is very common after divorce. I am not here to judge people for their actions, but if we want to fully worship God, and if our bodies are active participants in that worship, then the only way we can truly be in worship with our sex life is to be fully committed to God’s design for it.

A Healthy Attitude

This is true of our attitude toward sex as well. If our attitude toward sex is all about what we get out of it instead of what we give to it, then we have the wrong perspective. Sex should be selfless, not selfish. Television and movies typically portray the latter and have aided in distorting that perspective. But honestly, that’s no excuse for us as believers. We are to be focused on others at all times, and sex is a part of that. That is why sex outside of marriage goes against God’s design; it is all about you in that moment.

This does not mean that if we are enjoying the pleasures of sex, we are wrong in our attitude. Please don’t misunderstand this point. God made us as sexual beings and He wants us to enjoy and find delight in it! But we will delight in it the most when we seek to be selfless and meet the needs of our spouse above our own. In most marriages, this will require a major shift in perspective, but it is possible when we view sex as worship.

When I say to view sex as worship I am not suggesting that you approach it as some creepy spiritual ritual. I simply mean that sex as God designed it is, in fact, worship. And since most everyone enjoys sex, why not make our attitude toward it just that and enjoy it to its fullest!

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