Human suffering is proof that God doesn’t exist. That’s the reasoning of many today. If God is loving and kind, He wouldn’t let earthquakes crush families, or floods drown them, or tornadoes rip their lives apart. If God was real, He wouldn’t let little children die of cancer or allow them to starve to death. To many, divine inaction equals atheism. They think it makes sense, but in reality it’s senseless.

We know that God exists in the same way we know by looking at a building, that a builder exists. Even though we can’t see the builder we know that there was one because buildings don’t build themselves. To say that there is no God is to say that all of nature—flowers, birds, animals, giraffes, horses, cats and cows—all with male and female, the seasons, the fruit and a million and one other complexities all happened when nothing exploded in space. That is scientifically impossible. Even when something explodes it produces chaos, not order.

Human suffering isn’t proof that there is no God. It is evidence that something is terribly wrong, and the Bible addresses the subject in full. Disease, pain, suffering and death are very real evidences that the Scriptures are true when they say that we live in a “fallen” creation. In the beginning, when God made man, everything was “very good.” But when mankind rebelled against God and sin came into the world it brought with it disease, death and a whole lot of misery. 

So never let the issue of human suffering cause you to think the unthinkable—that nothing created everything. Rather, let it drive you to God’s Word−the Bible − and to seeking the God who so graciously gave you your life.

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