Co-collaborators Women of Faith and Gateway Worship have just released their newest CD, a collection of the best songs from their cross-country 2013 tour, Believe God Can Do Anything. The performers at Women of Faith events are talented and inspirational, singing about the glory of God and encouraging audiences through their music and stories.

Founded in 1996, Women of Faith has connected with more than 4 million worshipers and the group has praised the Lord with their voices and talents across the country. It is their mission to motivate and nurture women through their belief in God and through communal worship and praise.  

Gateway Worship is a ministry that preaches to more than 20,000 worshipers, using music as their main means of communication between God and His followers. They have been in existence for more than a decade now and have produced numerous CD compilations in that time.

There are 10 songs on this CD, plus a bonus track. The songs played here are a mixture of fast-paced and reflective musical ensembles meant to get you excited about your faith. Each presents a more modern form of singing praise – they’re not your traditional church hymns, but you get the same inspired effect. Pop, country, gospel and soul mix together wonderfully on this soundtrack.

Associate Pastor Kari Jobe, Pastor Rebecca Pfortmiller and Worship Leader Amber Rhoads from Gateway Worship are the main contributors to the CD, accompanied by other worship staff raising their voices to the Lord as they encourage the crowd to join in. 

Associate Senior Pastor Thomas Miller sings “You, You Are God,” the second song on the disc, an upbeat and exciting piece that cries exultantly:

You, You are God, You are Lord
You are all I’m living for
You are King of everything
I want my life to praise You

In another track, Pastor Pfortmiller sings a more traditional song written by Francis of Assisi in the year 1225, but puts a happy and modern twist to it. She sings along with the crowd,

O praise Him, O praise Him
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
All glory to our God and King
Every crown thrown down in offering
Every knee shall bow and voice proclaim
You are God, You are King.

With tones of Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and other inspiring singers of our time, the Gateway Worship soundtrack is a perfect blend of tunes. Most of the songs were written and performed by Gateway Worship leaders. Eight worship leaders and more than 30 vocalists join their voices alongside the talents of musicians playing piano, keyboard, electric guitar, percussion, harp, strings and more.

The tracks follow:

1. Revelation Song (extended version)
2. You, You are God
3. O the blood
4. God and King
5. Stay Amazed 
6. Great, Great God
7. 139
8. The More I Seek You
9. We Cry Out
10. When I Speak Your Name
11. *Bonus Track * – Without You 

“With your words and melodies you can offer a sweet song to the Lord that honors His name and declares His greatness.” With these words, Pastor Miller hopes you’ll enjoy listening and singing along to the compilation as much as he did creating it. As you listen to this CD, you will find yourself transported to the vibrant concerts that Gateway Worship and Women of Faith are known for. 

Sing along, either at home alone, with your church group or with the thousands of other worshipers who have found inspiration in this music. The CD can be purchased through both Women of Faith and Gateway Worship websites, as well as major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

If you’re interested in attending a Believe God Can Do Anything tour event, or future Women of Faith events, visit The Believe tour continues through the end of this year, while a new Revival 2014 tour begins in March next year and continues through the rest of that year. 

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