Today’s post is from my dear, sweet husband. If you know Rob, he is not a spotlight kind of guy but he loves the LORD with all his heart, mind and strength. He read to me what he wrote in his quiet time the other day and it was so incredibly beautiful I asked him to allow me to share it with you. He gave me permission, but only with the promise that I would direct the credit back to God and give him none. So to God be the glory as my husband is used as the vessel:

These last few months have been tough. What a blessing! I’ve come to realize that suffering, walking through the wilderness is a blessing. It is making us stronger. It is removing the dross. It is purifying our souls and minds. It is making us more Christ like. Thank you Jesus for being our perfect example. 

It is a trial or a testing of our faith. While we were brought out of Egypt and no longer slaves but free, we will at times journey through the wilderness; a place of drought, a place of no fruit or meat (understanding).

In these times of drought or suffering, will we grumble and complain as Israel did? When you give us manna (your provision) will we grumble, or be thankful and still give you praise? Will we quit asking why me and start asking why not me? Will we take joy in our suffering, knowing that you are making ALL things work for good? Will we complain about the bitter water and refuse to drink it, not knowing that its meant to cleanse us? Will we refuse to rid ourselves of sin; refuse to be put through the fire to remove the dross? 

why me 2

If in the wilderness we refuse to let God remove the dross we will never become His precious gem. If in the wilderness we grumble and complain about the manna and refuse to drink the bitter water (trial and suffering) we will never be strong enough in our faith to defeat the giants in our lives and take the Promised Land here on earth. Thank you LORD for making us stronger through our suffering.

It’s funny how God works. As God was teaching this lesson to my husband during his quiet time, He was convicting me with the very same sentiment. Times are tough and we have had to cut back in many areas and admittedly, I was grumbling and complaining. I was asking, “Why me”? I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do so why is it so hard? Why do we have to struggle so much when you called us to do this? But instead of giving me the answer to those question he simply said “Am I Enough?” 

Yes God you are more than enough!


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