Charter Communications offers cable television, internet, and phone services at family-friendly prices. Charter’s services include parental controls on cable channels, Internet security included with the high-speed Internet service, and cable phone service that is loaded with features. Charter strives to offer high-quality products at a reasonable cost, and maintains a courteous, fast customer service center.

Charter Communications (Charter) provides regular and high definitional cable video channels, high-speed Internet, and telephone services to more than 5.2 million residential and business customers in 25 states throughout the continental United States. In addition, Charter offers Digital Video Recorder service, offers customers daily access to more than 6,000 video-on-demand movies and shows.

Charter is a leader in Internet service. Their Internet connection have speeds up to 20 Mbps nationwide, with the charter Internet®Ultra100 service with speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream in most markets. Charter includes the Charter Security Suite that protects against online threats and intrusions with the Charter Internet Express, Plus, and Ultra100 services.

Charter is the 10th largest provider of landline telephone service in the nation. Charter’s telephone product provides exceptional sound and reliability. The phone service comes with several features, including 24/7 voice mail, call forwarding, caller identification, call waiting with caller id, anonymous call rejection that refuses calls from any number that is blocked, 12 custom ringtones to alert you to who is calling, and 3-way calling. In case of an emergency, “Charter provides enhanced 911 services, much like traditional phone companies, to help emergency personnel quickly respond. Additionally, Charter Phone will also work with most monitored home security systems. Charter Phone will also work during a power outage with the “appropriate backup battery installed. This battery will provide up to eight hours of stand-by and five hours of talk time to provide you with Charter Phone services even during a power outage,” according to their website.

Charter Communications features weather resistant continuous service, DVR service on up to four televisions in your home, and has no contracts on the offers.

Charter Channels and Controls

Charter offers on-demand viewing for your favorite prime time programs. You will find that on-demand prime time will be essential for family viewing.  While watching a prime time program on demand, you can pause or fast forward if the program surprises you with sexual content or offensive language, which is currently popular in most television shows. This is also helpful for family viewing. Many prime time programs promoted as family friendly can contain inappropriate scenes. When this occurs, parents can pause and fast forward.

Charter presents their on-demand movies and channels organized by type, such as kids, teens, adult content, and what is termed ‘after dark’. Using this guide, viewers can choose movies with some idea of their content. In addition, Charter has parental controls for all channels, and passwords to access the pay per view channels. This is helpful, because there are more than 10,000 on-demand movies and shows available when you are.

Charter Subscriptions and Service

Charter offers viewers a well-rounded choice of cable subscriptions. Viewers can choose the basic package, premium movie channels, subscriptions channels, and pay per view. The basic, premium and subscription packages all have the on-demand feature.

Customers can purchase these services separately, or take advantage of Charters bundled services. The bundled services include basic, silver and platinum services. Charter offers discounts for customers who bundle services and these can enable customers who started seeking a basic package to upgrade at a minimum cost to a silver of platinum service.

Charter Communications has fast courteous customer service 24/7, and can let you know if the problem in an area wide issue in your viewing area. When Charter sends a service person to your home, they call before and after the appointment. Each service person identifies himself, and wears Charter Communication clothing, in addition to driving a Charter Communications van.

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