I love how God calls us out to do something. And typically, that something makes little sense.

Sometimes it can even be just plain foolish in the eyes of the world. But the closer you walk with Him, the more you trust those little nudges, no matter how silly sounding.

Surely if you’ve ever been asked to do something like that, then the Bible story in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, of Jehoshaphat and his army makes perfect sense. He was told by God, the way to victory in the battle they were about to enter, was to send out singers (priests) in front of the army.  

They were to sing this song,

Give thanks to the Lord, for His Love endures forever.2 Chronicles 20:21

{Interesting battle strategy.}

They did this and not only were they saved from battle, but the other side was so confused they actually turned against each other and fought the battle themselves.  

Maybe you know what it feels like to be asked to do something silly-sounding.

It’s a well-known fact in my family that I cannot sing. It’s actually an ongoing joke. Only, growing up, this never stopped me. In fact it was one of my favorite methods of upsetting my big sisters.

Being the youngest, I didn’t have much else. Size? They had me beat. Logic? With so many years between us, my logic still revolved around “I’m rubber, you’re glue …”, to which they always had a slightly better answer.

But song? Oh, I could have them quickly thrown into confusion and begging for mercy.    

Not that many years ago (still a horrible singer) life was tumbling down on all sides and I was desperate. I can remember the exact place I was sitting when I made God a promise.  

I would be a singer in front the army, if that’s what it took to win the battle.

Be very careful with a promise like that.  

He just might take you up on it.    

{Whether you can sing or not.}

In fact, your weaknesses? That’s exactly what He might use to disarm the enemy. Who better to show His power through than a tone-deaf, scaredy-cat girl?

Throughout history, He’s used the most unexpected people to do some outlandish things. And those that most scare us – are often the very things victory is lying behind.

But we never know if we’re not willing to look foolish.

Recently, I gathered with a few other people for a weekly prayer walk around our church. We did it for seven weeks, and on the last night, a friend said, “I think we should sing.”



Visions of my sisters begging me to stop came rushing to mind.

I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. Reasons quickly surfaced why this singing idea was not a good one.  

But finally, we sang.

It is incredible to me that God would ask those who cannot sing – those who are the least capable – to do the very thing they thought they could not.  

It’s when we bring Him the little we have, the miracle happens. What’s important is that we bring it – regardless of what or how much or how it looks in the eyes of the world. And mercy! If you heard me sing, you’d understand I wasn’t bringing much. But it was a sacrifice, none the less, and God recognizes that. 

What’s funny is that it wasn’t until days later that God connected the dots for me. The promise I’d made to Him about being a singer in front of the army, and the way I was, years later, actually asked to sing. It’s all just amazing.

Is God calling you to something crazy-sounding? Something that looks foolish? What’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back?

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