I was reminded this past week just how fortunate I am and how much I take for granted. I found myself for the first time on the continent of Africa. Nairobi, Kenya to be exact. Approximately 5,000,000 people crammed into a developing city. Streets that make our pot-hole winter aftermaths look like luxury highways. Crowded conditions. And a slum area called the Marthare Valley that is home to some 550,000 people, many of whom are children.

I sat in a school, sponsored by Convoy of Hope, ministering to 1st through 8th graders. These kids had ONE decent pair of clothes (a uniform provided by Convoy of Hope) and ONE pair of shoes (also provided by Convoy). There were 486 kids—all very poor, all very happy, all having been touched by the love of Christ and all so thankful. The school is the Mathare Children Development Center and, get this, the teachers mostly teach for food!! Are we spoiled in this country (USA), or what?

I then went to the Kenya Kids Home that takes in homeless kids. I have never seen such neat quarters, orderly kids, polite manners, grateful hearts, and overflowing joy. These kids didn’t have a chance, but local Christian leaders in Nairobi and Convoy of Hope are changing their lives. You can imagine how that impacted my life since my biological mother died when I was 11 months old, my father was an alcoholic and threw me and my two brothers out. Had it not been for the couple who finally adopted me I wouldn’t have had a chance. So, the kids in Kenya GRABBED my heart.

I also want to share Asa’s story with you. He is a young boy approximately 18 months old who was taken to a home for young aids’ victims. He is gaining strength and recovering against the odds. I was blessed to hold him, hug him, and get hugs from him. It was worth the trip!!

What a reminder to truly thank God for all that you have!

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