Someone recently told me that he wanted to go public about a Christian brother who had wronged him. When I advised him against doing that, he then said that he didn’t consider him to be a “brother,” and was thinking of suing him.

Personally, I would never take another Christian to court, and I hope I’m never forced to sue a non-Christian. This is because I am told to love my enemies and to do good to those that despitefully use me and say all manner of evil against me falsely, because I belong to Jesus. If someone wrongs me I usually send them a fruit basket with a kind note, and then I forget it.

Years ago, I trusted people to take a pack of my books from my book table at my meetings, and then I would bill them. However, a whole stack of people didn’t pay their bills. So I sent each of them a check, with a note saying that Jesus said to do good to those who wrong you.

The next week my honorarium was 10 times the normal amount. Around the same time I sent thousands of dollars’ worth of my books overseas to a new distributor.

Sometime later he called and said that they were all damaged and he didn’t want to claim the insurance. Someone told me to sue him. Instead I told him to keep the books. The next week we sold seven times as many books as we would normally sell.

So I don’t advise anyone to go to court or even hold a grudge. Besides, the only ones who win in court cases nowadays are the lawyers. They get paid big bucks, and the case “winner” so often doesn’t. So if someone wrongs you, whether they were your friend or an enemy, with the help of God, forgive and forget, and move on with life … even if they nail you to a cross.

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