What If…

  • Our fights were over what we can offer/give instead of what we demand/deserve?
  • We focused on deference instead of preference?
  • The church impacted culture instead of just imitating it?
  • Those of us in ministry took the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm?”
  • Who we lead held as much value as how and what we lead?
  • “What’s in it for me” never surfaced in our worship conversations?
  • We spent as much time leading the church in service as an act of worship as we spend leading the church service as an act of worship?
  • We challenged each other to worship not only when we gather but also when we disperse?
  • Predictable, scripted, explainable, and rational weren’t always worship prerequisites?
  • All who lead considered themselves ushers instead of the bride?
  • We spent as much service time in prayer and scripture as we spend promoting new songs and protecting old ones?
  • Our goal in initiating change was how we can add to rather than take away?
  • We constantly looked for ways to set congregants free rather than constantly looking for ways to control them?
  • We viewed ourselves as worship travelers on a constant journey toward a destination rather than worship tourists occasionally visiting a location for pleasure?
  • We planned worship for the people we have instead of the people we wish we had?
  • Those of us in ministry spent as much time healing relationships as we spend searching ministry job placement sites?
  • We all agreed that worship did not begin and will not end with the music of my generation?
  • We viewed our ministry role as a utility infielder that is always prepared and willing to play any position for the good of the team?
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