Jeremy (thestranger7) first saw Wendy’s (gwendolynn1979) profile and sent her a smile saying “I really like your picture, do you have anymore?” So, Wendy emailed him some more pictures and arranged for a time to chat online. Jeremy and Wendy chatted on instant message for a few days and then graduated to the phone. After talking for about 2 1/2 months, Wendy drove to Wisconsin from Missouri to meet Jeremy. It was a wonderful weekend where they decided that barring an act of God they would get married. Wendy visited one more time to Wisconsin looking for jobs in the area and December 25, Jeremy came down to Missouri, packed her and Opie (the puppy beagle) and drove them to Wisconsin with him. March 4, they got married in a small ceremony with only family present.

It’s six months after marriage and everything is going strong. We have a belated wedding ceremony thrown by some ladies at the church and we are getting our materials together to show them how we met.

Thank you for making our romance possible!

**UPDATED 10/10/06**
Just adding an update to our happy marriage. We just found out yesterday that we will be welcoming a new addition in June 2007. Praise the Lord… He is so good to us!

**UPDATED 10/3/2007**
Our little boy, Jeremiah, was born June 2, 2007. He is such a blessing to us and we are thankful that he has parents that love each other more everyday.

**UPDATED 6/29/2011**

Still happily married after 5 years. In addition to Opie, our beagle puppy (who is no longer a puppy) and Jeremiah William (who is now 4 years old), we have a spitfire, sunshiney boy named Jonah Mark who was born 11-16-09.

Life is good!

Thank you, again, for the part you played in our lives

-TheStranger7 & gwendolynn1979

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