Since July 17th of last year, a wholesale miracle has taken place. Wendi and I met for the first time face to face on that day and it changed our lives forever. We had spent the preceding two evenings getting to know each other on the phone. I remember this like it was yesterday because from the start, she made an indelible impression on me. We had both been tired of dating at the time, but we decided to take the plunge and try ChristianMingle. As soon as we started talking, we quickly discovered we had so many similarities: We both went to the same university, our work offices were in incredible proximity to each other, we are both middle children, and both our fathers had passed away.

I’m still awestruck at how much we have in common. We both share a love of family, friends, and trust and value deeply our nearness to God. We agreed from the start to value each other’s relationship with Christ as something very personal. We both knew that our relationship with the Lord would unfold between each other naturally for us. With God’s blessing, through the weeks and months that followed, we grew closer to each other’s family and to each other, making it clear that God had made us for each other!

On December 10th of last year we got married and are now expecting a little baby boy! We were two people who both thought “the one” did not exist. But we are so thankful that God had other plans for us! We both agreed to let our love for each other unfold naturally and it has certainly paid off. We have grown closer to God ever since we have met, and even more so now that she is expecting.

We hope our story will prove inspirational for those seeking the one that will complete them. Wendi completes me in every way-She is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you ChristianMingle for providing the means for our future together!

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