The household is a precious foundation in every Christian’s world. It is imperative that every Christian has a home that surrounds their Christian beliefs and embodies what they want their lives to be shaped after.

Here are 10 ways to bring Christianity into your home and your family closer together.

1. Be a Productive Unit

Accomplishing objectives together will keep the family bond strong. Instead of making mom do all the cooking and cleaning, the family should come together as a unit and keep the house clean, cook meals and work together to make the household function.

2. Pray Daily as a Family

Gather the family, sit down and ask God to bring peace to your day. Establishing daily prayer will help the family feel refreshed and will keep religion a priority.

3. Express Appreciation

Express appreciation for each family member and never miss an opportunity to tell someone that you care and love them. Give compliments to one another and make sure that everyone knows that the family wouldn’t be complete without each party.

4. Make God a Priority

Make God your number one priority and establish Christ as the central unit of the home. Allowing God to be the most important part of your family will help ward off selfishness. Focusing on God will bring peace to future decisions and situations.

5. Help Out When Needed

Recognize the needy and make assisting them a priority within your household. Raise your children so that they are aware how blessed they are and the reality of life. If families implement charity within their household, children will not be selfish and will have a better understanding of what they can do to make a difference within society.

6. Dine as a Family

Maintain the family tradition of eating dinner together every night. Having a meal together will allow the family to regroup and share the events of their day. Making time for each other during dinner time will strengthen the family bond and display to children the importance of strong family ties.

7. Clean House

Keep inappropriate material out of the household. Remove any vulgarity that contradicts the beliefs and structure that the Christian household stands for.

8. Be a Good Role Model

Display appropriate relationships within your Christian household. As parents, adults must show their children the appropriate ways to treat adults. The relationships that children witness will remain the structure for their future relationships. Be faithful, understanding and respectful to each other.

9. Establish Rules

Establish rules for children to obey. Instill that God is a constant and rules are the only things that can change. Develop the theory that as your children prove to be responsible and mature that rules can be adjusted. Showing respect for your children will help them understand the meaning behind respect and they will be more inclined to follow rules.

10. Teach Honesty

Instill the importance of honesty within the household. In order to establish trust and remain a productive unit, honesty is a MUST. All and all, honesty is one of the key foundations to all relationships; establishing the significance of honesty will help with future relationships that your children make.

No one is perfect! Matthew says it best,

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. —Matthew 6:14-15

Christian households need to understand that forgiveness is a key to living as a family. Everyone will make mistakes, even parents, but all members of the family must be prepared to forgive each other for their mistakes.


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