Christian children want to listen to the same music as their friends and, as pre-teens and teens, they aren’t always so concerned about whether an artist reflects their spiritual values. Which is why as parents we need to be familiar with the most popular musical artists and have tools to guide their children away from artists with lyrics and messages that conflict with their Christian faith.

Here are 13 popular musical artists to guide our children away from, with a short rundown on the reasons why that is the case:

Lady Gaga

Putting aside her on-stage antics, Lady Gaga has stated in numerous interviews that she does not believe in religion and in fact believes that people of faith tend to be close-minded and hateful.


Several members of the band describe themselves as Christians, but songs such as “Leper Messiah” and “Creeping Death” have troubling lyrics. There are numerous Christian-oriented bands with a similar sound that would be better role models.

Miley Cyrus

This former child star has made a number of high-profile controversial appearances and those alone would be enough to make her worth steering your children away from in the future. But some of the lyrics on her new album are also troublesome to Christians.


While he doesn’t deal with faith directly in his lyrics, his music is filled with images that include raw sexuality and violent imagery.


She is one of the most popular singers on today’s mainstream music charts, but her lyrics can be graphically sexual and she sings in several songs about her belief that is more important to follow your heart and mind that any deity.


Rihanna’s music can be divided into two parts: Her hits have a mainstream sound that don’t include much in the way of inappropriate lyrics, but her lesser-known tracks can be very sexual and several include lyrics that can be construed as anti-Christian.

Chris Brown

Despite his catchy blend of R&B and pop music, Chris Brown is also someone who had a very public arrest for allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He has also been involved in several other well-reported scraps with the law, including a recent arrest after he was accused of assaulting someone.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

This popular rap-pop music duo releases music that is very catchy. But the lyrics often include swearing and some anti-Christian thoughts.


Some people have interpreted her hit song “Royals” as being anti-Christian, but that appears not to be the case. But this 16-year-old New Zealand singer has expressed in interviews that she doesn’t believe in a higher power and thinks that people need to think for themselves. So while her music seems to be fine, she might not be the best role model for your children.

Cee Lo Green

Despite the fact that both his parents were ministers, this singer best known to many people as a judge on NBC’s The Voice isn’t living a life that can be described as faith-based and grounded in spirituality. Many of his songs include unsavory lyrics, his personal life is a mess and in interviews he has been vocal about the fact that he no longer believes in the values he grew up on thanks to his parents.

Katy Perry

She may have started her career as a Christian musician (back when she was known as “Katy Hudson”), but these days the pop singer talks at length in most interviews about her current lack of faith. “In my faith, you’re just supposed to have faith,” she told Rolling Stone in 2012. ”But I was always like — ‘Why?'” 

Nikki Minaj

If you are at all familiar with her music, the fact that Ms. Minaj seems to be very anti-religion would not be a big surprise. She’s very vocal about her feelings and at the 2012 Grammys she even performed a weird self-exorcism on herself, in a symbol-heavy performance that would no doubt made even Madonna a bit queasy.

Bruno Mars

Although hits such as “Grenade” and “When I Was Your Man” are fine to listen to, be warned that some of the lyrics on other songs aren’t so innocent. There is some bad language, some sexually explicit lyrics and he paints some mental pictures you might not want to have to explain to your kids.  

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