The Super Bowl is almost here! Who will you be rooting for this year? The Kansas City Chiefs? The Seattle Seahawks? The Denver Broncos? How about the San Francisco 49’ers?

No matter who you want to win, you’re going to need a great television to watch all the action on so you can see every move your favorite players make. Of course, finding that perfect TV for your living room will take quite a bit of research – check out Consumer Reports or CNET to get all the specs and reviews you need to make your final decision.

To help get you started, we’ve come up with the top five picks for the best TVs this season, in a variety of prices and sizes:

Samsung PNF8500
This Samsung is a 60-inch plasma HDTV that also offers 3D viewing. It’s known for its brilliant colors and dark blacks, and itself is one of the more stylish models on the market. It’s received some great reviews all across the board – the main setback are, of course, the price, and the remote.

Price: $2,465-$2,799

LG LA8600
This LED Smart TV model of LG is one of the higher-end televisions (with the price to prove it). Superior color accuracy, bright picture quality, and an easy-to-use remote are all qualities that make this television tops. The LA8600 is exceptionally thin and light and its design is sleek. You’ll love the perfect picture on this 60-inch screen from the first throw to touchdown.

Price: $1,745-$2,399

Panasonic TC-PST60
CNET considers this television the very best in the market right now, and for good reason.  The picture quality is the best you’ll find anywhere – if you want to see those football players sweating, this is the television you want to purchase. This Panasonic offer 3D viewing and comes with two 3D glasses, although this isn’t the television’s strongest selling point. Smart TV features are also accessible.

Price: $1,260-$1,499

Vizio E320i-AO
If the prices of most TVs have you staring at your wallet with tears of frustration forming in your eyes, don’t worry – this Vizio television has an economy price tag but still works at a high level. It’s 32 inches and has all the smart television capabilities you could ask for.

Price: $275-$309

Sharp Elite Pro X5FD
This television receives rave reviews from both the professionals and the average consumer alike. The best parts of this LED TV are the deep blacks and vibrant colors that can be seen. What better way to watch your favorite team make it to the end zone than on this 70-inch model? The X5FD also comes in 3D and includes two 3D glasses. The only issue with this model? It’s price.

Price: $6,000-$7,999 

Bose Video Wave Entertainment System II
Receiving PC Mag’s editor’s choice award for the second time around this 55-inch Bose HDTV is one of the priciest on our list but it has something the rest of our televisions don’t: powerful sound joined with a strong picture quality. To hear every last word the refs are saying and see the football being sent clearly to the other end of the field, buy this television.

Price: $4,900-$5,999

Sony KDL W900A
Watch your two teams battle it out on the field on this 55-inch Sony model television, which also gets some great reviews from both the magazines and the consumer. This is an LED LCD thin screen that also has deep blacks and strong colors. This is a 3D TV and has smart TV capabilities.

Price: $1,999

Panasonic TC-PS60
Panasonic has some of the absolute best televisions on the market every year, so you won’t go wrong with purchasing any of them. If you’re looking for one on the cheaper end of the spectrum, check out this model, which has all of the great pros from our top models but goes for over half the price. This 50-inch smart TV is one of the top budget screens you can get.

Price: $699-$1699

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