I met the love of my life, Victoria, in August of 2010 on ChristianMingle. Not only is Victoria the most caring, kind, warm, and spiritually blessed woman that I have ever met, she is a wonderful mother to her children and mine.

For a year and a half, Victoria and I dated long distance in spite of the 90 miles between us. This included long phone conversations each night and trying to visit each other at least once a week. Before we met, we had both prayed for God to bring someone into our lives who was a spiritual match and God delivered! We were married on August 25, 2012!

To keep our marriage strong, we do bible studies each and every day as well as attend weekly church services. We lay everything at God’s feet, trusting that He will meet our needs and continue to give Him the glory for all that he has done in our lives.

We often smile when we see the ChristianMingle commercials on TV and are both so very thankful that we made the decision to join. Our future looks bright as we are slowly building our marriage while intertwining our families together.

Thanks so much ChristianMingle!

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