My name is Vicki. I grew up in the Midwest, near Chicago. I am the fifth daughter of hard working middle class parents who sometimes struggled to make ends meet and raise 5 girls in the 60’s. My sisters and I were not introduced to formal religion until I was 8 years old. I believe that is too long to wait! Needless to say, without that spiritual guidance sewn in from the start, most of us became rebellious. We all married young and God was not a part of our lives. I was twice divorced by age 41. I realized the missing link was God. Without God in your marriage, your marriage is doomed.

I started attending a loving church and began a walk with Christ. I believe this walk is the ONLY way to any happiness. I always dreamed of a loving marriage the way God intended it to be but for me, it seemed beyond my reach. I started praying that God would place me with a godly man who needed and would value me. I joined Facebook at a friend’s request and one day noticed an ad for I would never at this point in my life date a non-believer so I clicked on the link and signed up.

I liked that time was taken by the site to gather information about my personality and match me with prospective mates. I looked for 95% and above matches. I thought, “why not shoot for the stars?”  I guess George was looking for the same because I received several smiles from George and he was a 100% match! Perfect. I was very interested in his profile and our e-mails were going well. We decided to meet for coffee and hit it off immediately. We went to lunch and agreed to another date. George joked that he wouldn’t have smiled at me if I had been over 50 miles away but since I was 49 I was lucky. Luck had nothing to do with it; God was in charge blessing us with the lives both of us thought was unattainable. Five months later, George asked me to marry him and I was thrilled! We married on the island of Turks and Caicos on December 14, 2010. We are happily married and God is in the lead.

Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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