It’s not every day that a journalist gets to talk to both a pickle and a tomato within the span of a month, but let’s just say (enter inner Bible Thumper) “I’m blessed.”

Veggie Tales In the House

I recently spoke to Phil Vischer,  who plays Bob the Tomato, about his latest venture, Veggie Tales in the House. In partnership with Dreamworks Entertainment, Vischer gave the inside scoop about this Netflix original programming.

Veggie Tales in the House vs. Original Veggie Tales

With 150 eleven minute shorts in total, everyone’s favorite veggies will venture off the countertop and into a bigger world for the very first time. (No worries if they fall onto a dirty floor. The two second rule applies, and there will be a Bible verse about suffering to ease the pain. “Spinach encourages iron, and iron doesn’t disppoint.”) 

What’s the same? Each episode will bring with it life lessons and inspirational Bible messages.

What’s different? New songs and new stories – keeping the veggies always fresh. (Psst: Vischer promises that he and Larry will remain sassy, organic and GMO Free. Plus Larry has eyebrows! Botox in his stem? The verdict is still out.)

Here’s a little bit of info from the creator himself.

Did you ever think, 25 years ago, you’d be teaming up with Dream Works?

No. The new show is going to be on Net Flix. They will be 11 minute shorts… 150 of them in total. It was a massive project. The idea really came in collaboration with Doug TenNapel who had spent 20 years working on on kids stuff/graphic novels. He had this brilliant thought, “What if Bob and Larry, when they leave their veggie world, have apartments and cars? What if we made it like a real TV Show where you could watch one every day?”

From bad preacher hair to Vegas inspired talk show sets, Larry and Bob seem to be the only ‘leaders’ who are funny and don’t’ take themselves so seriously. Why is that and were you ever afraid of offending your audience?

(Laughing) One of our first shows presented Daniel as a vegetable. And then there was Jesus chucking and jiving! We offended plenty of people. (Goes on to add) I suppose there’s a whole generation of people who don’t want to take everything so seriously. We’re dealing with salvation. I like story tellers that don’t take everything so seriously but still deal with real things.

What did you learn about your own faith through the trials and tribulations of putting together a series like this?

When I started… and things took off and I became successful… I kind of decided I was anointed by God to be the next Walt Disney. I would save all the world’s children by evil. It was so much stress. I was carrying a weight to save the children that God never asked me to carry. I finally realized that my only need was to be in relationship with God. That you could be happy doing nothing but being with him. Relationship with God is a source of joy. It’s his identity.

Note from Andrea

That last comment about just resting in God? I could use more of that. I bet you could, too. Check back for another article dealing on faith vs. works – all from the mouth of Bob the Tomato!

Want more Veggie Tales fun and new programming? 

Check out Vischer’s membership website, Jelly Telly, where you can get new programming and fun for a nominal fee. 

The Holiday Hotline

With the holidays just around the corner, Santa isn’t the only fun guy you can call. Stir fry up some healthy entertainment with Bob and Larry’s a special Veggie Tales Holiday Hotline!

Call toll-free: (844) 2-VEGGIES for some Veggie fun!

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