In August 2014, I felt a nudging to reactivate my account. On August 13, 2014, after completing the compatibility test, the first profile that I read said he was only looking for someone within 100 miles of Palmer, AK. I said to myself, “well, that’s a definite ‘no’ as I live in Seattle, not Alaska,” and went about my searching. 

On August 16, 2014, I received a message from James in Alaska. His message read, “I see you read my profile, what did you think?” I replied simply, “Too bad I don’t live anywhere near Palmer, AK.”
From that messaging conversation, we connected via phone. From that first “hello,” I felt like I have known him my entire life.  This developing relationship is definitely orchestrated by God! 

Meeting James in person on October 10, 2014 was perfect, and as of October 13, 2014 we are now engaged! We are planning to be married next summer.  I’ve waited my whole life to meet the man God has chosen for me.  We are so much alike. Our children are similar in personalities, and even in looks!  Most importantly, we are likeminded, in the right relationship with Jesus Christ, and trusting God with the future of our lives together.  God LOVES us so much that He brought us together. 

In encouragement to others, we’d say to pray for discernment when reading profiles. Trust God with the outcome.  Talk, talk, talk, and laugh in the every day.  Praying together daily is the glue that binds this beautiful relationship.

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