Craig and I had both tried several dating websites (both Christian and non-Christian) before coming across We were both happy to find a site that was dedicated to Christian singles and reasonably priced. In early July 2011, within a week or two after putting our profiles on ChristianMingle, Craig sent a message to me. I scanned his profile, looking for something negative that would cause me to eliminate him as a possibility, but I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like! We both were considered “blue” on the personality scoring and our preferences were listed as matched “100%!” We found that we had a lot in common, including similar family backgrounds and church denominations. It was important to both of us to share the same values and beliefs.

After communicating several times through e-mail, Craig asked if he could call and I eagerly said “yes!” I found him so easy to talk to and we talked for several hours at a time during this and subsequent phone calls.

We met on July 23, 2011 for lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, we stood outside and talked for a long time. We remember it was 99 degrees that day, but we didn’t mind because we enjoyed each other’s company so much! I was excited when Craig walked me to my car and asked if we could get together again. And I was even more excited when he asked me to marry him 6 months later on January 14, 2012! We were married October 13, 2012.

We wanted to honor God’s word and not live together before marriage, so we were willing to drive the 45 minutes between our houses while we were dating/engaged–sometimes several days in a row! Now we are so happy to be living in the same house and sharing daily experiences with each other and are getting ready to celebrate our “6-month” anniversary next month! We are thankful that God used ChristianMingle to bring us together.

Thanks for allowing us to share our story!

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