Valentine’s Day often has a bad reputation with the lovers it celebrates. Some don’t like the pressure to do something special or spend extra money. These frustrations are understandable, but there are simple ways to make the people we love feel cherished on this special day. Here are five ways to make your Valentine’s Day date a little more memorable this year.

1. Kind Words

Take time to write some meaningful words this Valentine’s Day. I don’t mean letting a card do your talking for you, or just jotting down a quick “I love you!” Rather, I encourage people to sit down and write a thoughtful note. Tell them what you appreciate about them. Remind them of your favorite shared memories. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, do your best to communicate the truths you really want to convey.

2. Thoughtful Gift

I once made my wife a book of encouragement. I had her closest friends and family write words of encouragement and compiled it in a book designed with her in mind. She still reads through it, years later, with tears of joy in her eyes. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be very meaningful. Keep a running list of things your date likes and watch for gifts that can show you’ve been paying attention.

3. Act Of Service

Is there something your date hates doing? One great way to make a Valentine’s Date feel extra special is to intentionally take something off their plate. Maybe they have something they hate doing and you do it for them. Or maybe you think of a gift that will save time or just make their life a little easier. Take special care of your date, holding doors, getting her chair. All these little things go a long way toward showing your date how special they are to you.

4. Creative Surprise

Do something that takes some forethought and planning to pull off. One year, my wife threw a Valentine’s Day brunch for me and some of our friends. We had several special treats and she took the extra time to decorate. I had never experienced anything quite like it. This surprise showed us all the she has spent a lot of time working to make us feel special. What’s something you could do for someone you love that would be a meaningful surprise?

5. Make A Memory

Is there a special place or event you could go together? Some of my favorite dates with my wife were times I found a unique experience we could share together. We once went to see a local improv group. We had so much fun, we started inviting other couples to join us for their shows. I’ll never forget laughing together until tears ran down our faces.

Also, don’t forget to actively take strolls down memory lane together. One of the sweetest parts of a relationship is to remember your happy times together. I recommend couples create a memory book where they can record the great memories they’ve made. Revisit it often and don’t forget to remind each other how thankful you are for all the wonderful times you’ve shared together.

With a little intentionality and planning, you can make sure your Valentine’s Day date feels extra special. You don’t have to spend lots of money to make meaningful memories you will look upon fondly as your relationship moves forward.

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