So, you just set up a first date with someone. But, was it the typical casual dinner or coffee shop meetup? While that can be a great option, it might help to try a new spin on the dating world with these more spontaneous first date ideas.

1. Plan A Scenic Picnic

This may be a simple idea, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. Pack some light food, whether it’s sandwiches and chips or a spread of yummy cheeses and fruits, along with a nice bottle of wine. A lovely little idea would be to save some bread to feed nearby ducks, which is something that always leaves a lasting romantic impression.

2. Attend A Sporting Event

A wonderful way to break the ice is with the excitement of a game. If you and your date both enjoy sports, this may be the best first date idea for you both. You can plan for a meal before or after the game, or just enjoy classic stadium snacks while you watch. Whenever there’s a lull, you can simply chat about the game until your conversation gets back on track.

3. Take A Class

This is one way to humbly tell a story about how you started cooking or your artistic abilities, if that happens to apply to you. Use the opportunity to talk about your passions, the types of foods you like to eat or how you got started in a creative field. Even better, choose something you know your date excels in and give them a chance to shine.

4. Check Out The View

There’s nothing better than a beautiful view with someone special nearby. Hike up to a nearby peak or ridge, hop on a ferry or boat, or simply take a walk around a lush park. You’ll get to enjoy some spectacular views your date will surely fall in love with.

5. Go Wine Tasting

This one is a no-brainer for lovers of wine. A wine tasting tour has all the elements of a great outing, from tasting good wine to touring different wine shops and gathering a few souvenirs, your date will love the journey. Just remember to go easy on the drinks so you don’t embarrass yourself (or your date).

While a “casual” dinner is one of the go-to dates early in a relationship, that type of face-to-face encounter can actually be a bit intimidating. Instead, try keeping it light and fun so you can see the friendlier side come out before things get too serious. These simple and down-to-earth date ideas make for great laughter, lasting memories and heaps of fun. Plan it out ahead of time and trust God with what is to come out of it.

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