Is Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas worth slipping into the cold and checking out in the midst of your busy holiday schedule? Check out the storyline first and you be the judge.

The story begins as Madea takes a holiday job in a department store where she fills in for Santa and salespeople. Dressed in a female Santa suit, Madea gives her sage advice to children and shoppers alike.

However, when Madea’s niece, Eileen, finds out her daughter, Lacey, is not coming home for Christmas, Eileen decides to pay a surprise visit to her daughter and asks Madea to accompany her. Madea and Eileen take a trip to the rural farmlands, where viewers are treated to a humorous cast of characters. 

Lacey, Eileen’s daughter, is a schoolteacher in a country school. She is planning a Christmas Jubilee with her students, and totally surprised to see her mom and aunt Madea. Lacey’s mom, Eileen, is equally surprised to meet her daughter’s farmhand (aka new boyfriend) and his parents. 

At first, Lacey pretends that her handsome, white boyfriend, Conner, is her hired farmhand.  Then Eileen and Madea meet Conner’s father, Buddy, (played by Larry the Cable Guy) and his wife Kim, who arrive to spend Christmas with the couple. Conner’s dad, Buddy, (played by Larry the Cable Guy) is a redneck, racist person, but wants to be friendly with Eileen and Madea. In keeping with the spirit of the Christmas season, Buddy and his wife go out of their way to win the approval of Madea. 

Add to the mix Lacey’s ex-boyfriend, Oliver, who traveled with Eileen and Madea to visit Lacey, and you have a great platform for Madea. The loud, outspoken woman with her unique perspective on life decides to help her friend to make the most of an unusual situation. 

Lacey’s school is facing a budget crunch, and Lacey is trying to enlist the townspeople in the Christmas Jubilee. Madea lends a hand with her outspoken, upfront behavior, and brings her unique perspective and dark humor to this small rural community. Ultimately, the town is united and the Christmas Jubilee is a great success. Eileen and her daughter become closer, and Eileen accepts Conner. 

The draw of Madea is her kindness, expressed in dark humor, and her capacity to enjoy life and bring people together. The film contains some mild swearing and attitude that may insult some Christians. The comedy is slapstick, not subtle, and the overall plot is geared towards bringing families and a town together at Christmas.

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, the movie, featuring the writing, directing and acting talents of Tyler Perry, was released December 12, 2013. Madea Christmas is rated PG, but is not appropriate for younger children. There is sexually suggestive language, a few curse words and adult situations. However, some might not even deem it tasteful for older teens and adults, but those who opt to view A Madea Christmas will find it comical, somewhat bawdy and entertaining. 

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