Thomas and I met on ChristianMingle on August 17th when I sent him a smile. Because he had seen my profile picture two previous times and passed it by (he says I was not smiling), he was unsure if he wanted to contact me. After receiving my smile, he responded back saying he would be interested in speaking with me and provided me his contact number. I replied that I was not interested in exchanging numbers yet but would like to chat and get to know each other first. He appreciated my honesty and we began chatting within a week. I received several cards from him which helped me understand his sincerity and fun personality prior to our first chat session. The first chat conversation lasted approximately four hours and was a great conversation! We decided to chat again in a week, as my schedule is very busy and we lived five hours away, although in the same state.

This was my first time meeting someone online and I became excited because it was going very well. I felt comfortable talking with Thomas at this point, and we began to use each other’s first names. The next chat conversation lasted another four hours and I was ready to exchange numbers. He called immediately. We laughed when he called because he asked if I would be interested in going along on the phone call to a short visit to the grocery store and I obliged. It was instant magic and we have been video chatting day and night, ever since.

We met face to face after a month and it was love at first sight! After another two to three weeks, he did the initial proposal over the phone and said he could not go another year without me being his wife. He asked me to choose a date that works with my school schedule, as I am working on my doctorate, and we chose June 8, 2013 for our wedding. We were formally engaged on November 17, 2012 when he read Proverbs 31 to me, where he indicated that he had asked God for the type of woman in that passage. He said that since the Proverbs 31 woman is the type of woman that I am, would I do him the honor of spending the rest of my life loving him? I accepted the offer and will never look back. Because of your ChristianMingle, we have found our true love and we are very thankful to you and God for making our dreams a reality. Thank you, ChristianMingle.

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