I met my wife on ChristianMingle in July of 2012. Her username was Purpledove48, but her name is Tracey. We’re both from Philadelphia, and lived ten minutes away from one another. We talked by phone for many weeks, before deciding to meet for dinner and a movie; I was nervous wreck. However, our first date went off without a hitch. It was perfect. After our first date, we talked endlessly on the phone for hours, and began to see each other quite frequently. She’s a lover of water, so our second date was by the river. We seemed to have a lot in common, and also had great chemistry.

I became brave enough in November to ask her to marry me, and she said “YES.” We began to spend many quality hours, days, and weeks together; never growing tired of one another. She lived in a rented home, and I was staying in a second floor apartment. However, I did not want to move into her home with her elder mother and college-aged daughter, and I knew my place was too small. So, I looked for a three bedroom home with a master bathroom and finished basement (man-cave), and found a newly renovated home in the suburb section of the city. We set our wedding date for May 18, 2013. I moved into our new home on April 3rd and began preparing for the wedding. We had a beautiful May wedding and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon (still enjoying).  I love living a Christian life together with my new family. Thank you ChristianMingle! If it had not been for you, I’d still be lonely.

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