If you’re part of a new couple, Halloween is one of the best holidays to celebrate together. It has a light and fun vibe, so there isn’t the pressure that comes with other holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Plus, there are all kinds of different activities from which to choose, so it gives you two the chance to figure out what kinds of things you like to do together. Here are some of the top activities brand new couples can check out this Halloween, and why each one can help you two become even closer.

1. Haunted House

If you two are the brave type, be sure to seek out a local haunted house this Halloween. Nothing will bring you two closer than navigating a creepy mansion lurking with monsters and other scary sights. That adrenaline-pumping experience will have you both screaming your way through the haunted house but then laughing about it together afterwards.

2. Horror Movie

The typical movie date night gets even more exciting when you up the ante with a scary film for Halloween. There are always at least one or two in the theaters at this time of year, but you can also opt for a cozy night in with a classic horror movie rental or DVD. When your date reaches over to grab your hand during a tense movie moment, you’ll be so glad you picked this flick for your Halloween date.

3. Costume Party

If you miss dressing up for Halloween like you did as a kid, why not attend a costume party as a couple? There are two really fun ways to go about it. You could choose a couple’s costume, which makes it clear that you’re two peas in a pod (and is also an actual costume idea!). But if you love surprises, why not keep your costumes secret until the big night? The look on your date’s face when they see you all dressed up is sure to be a memorable moment.

4. Handing Out Candy

If you two like to spend low-key nights at home, then handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters is the perfect way to spend Halloween. Go shopping together so you can each pick out your favorite candies to give to the kiddos. You can also spend time decorating for the kids or finding a some scary music to play in the background as they arrive. Sneak a few candies for yourself as you wait to see the great costumes the neighborhood kids have come up with this year.

5. Carving Pumpkins

Another fun and laid-back couple’s activity for Halloween is carving pumpkins. Better yet, why not accompany each other to a pumpkin patch beforehand? It’s a great way to bond while enjoying the fall weather. Afterwards, you can light a fire, sip on some cider and work to come up with creative designs for your pumpkin carvings.

As a new couple, Halloween gives you a great chance to flex your holiday celebration muscles together in a no-pressure setting. You’ll appreciate having at least one holiday under your belts before the big ones (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve) come at you beginning the following month!

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