What should you give your sweetheart this Christmas?

Gift cards are great, but rather impersonal. Clothing is potentially awkward if the style, color or size isn’t right. And while you don’t want to go overboard with an extravagant or extremely pricey gift, you want your present to convey how much you care.

Consider these five great Christmas gift options that add a personal touch and should always be a perfect fit.

Engraved Jewelry or Personalized Mementos

Engraving a necklace, bracelet, watch, keychain or keepsake box is great for a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can find the perfect pendant, charm or symbol that holds special meaning for your special someone (a heart, infinity symbol, Christian fish) and have it engraved with a special message like your names with your anniversary date, a phrase or word like “I Love You,” or “Always,” or a favorite shared Scripture.   

For jewelry, make a stop at your local jeweler search the web for myriad of online retailers. You can visit gift shops like Things Remembered in person or online and find all kinds of unique non-jewelry items like picture frames, pewter mugs, keepsake boxes, money clips and more.

Sporting Event or Concert Tickets

Tickets to see your sweetheart’s favorite sports team, band, musical or theater event also make a fun night out for the two of you.

For sporting events, you can add a hat with a team logo, stadium blanket, seat cushions or mugs. For a dressier occasion like the symphony, add cuff links, a coat pin or dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. With or without extras, giving tickets to an event will ultimately create a memorable experience for both of you.

Personalized Gift Basket of Goodies

Everyone loves treats and a gift basket filled with your honey’s favorite things is fun to assemble.

Home baked treats are an extra-special option, so adding favorite Christmas cookies, fudge or holiday bread will undoubtedly make a sweet impression. Or include your sweetheart’s favorite candy bars and snacks, a teddy bear, a favorite movie or TV series on DVD or a CD or book he or she’s been wanting. The sky is the limit on what you include in the basket, and it can be crafted to accommodate a wide range of interests and hobbies like music, gardening, a sports team, a favorite author and more.

Scrapbook or Photo Journal

Commemorating your relationship with a scrapbook or photo journal makes a very touching and personal gift. Use photos or write about places you’ve been, special moments you shared, or things you wish for your future.

You can get really creative and artsy with the album by using special paper, stickers and embellishments that you can find in the scrapbooking aisle at any hobby store. Or, you can use digital photos and do an online layout in a hard or softbound book from websites like Snapfish or Shutterfly. The time and effort you put into your book will be a labor of love that will undoubtedly bring a lasting smile.

Trip Down Memory Lane

This gift takes some extra pre-planning and maneuvering, but will ultimately deliver an unforgettable Christmas experience. Go to several significant spots in your relationship (e.g., your first dinner date, your first kiss, your first walk together, where you first said ‘I love you’). At each stop, write a note, letter or poem describing all the things you love and treasure about your sweetheart and your relationship together.  

You can chronicle happy moments, sad moments, and moments where you really bonded and felt close to one another. At the end of each note or letter, add a clue leading to the next stop in the journey. At the last stop, include a special personalized gift, or any of the gifts described above, or a final sentimental note, like a wish list for your shared future.  Or, you can use the last stop to verbally emphasize everything your special someone means and seal the moment with a new shared experience like building a snowman, going skating or taking a walk with cups of hot chocolate.

Pro tip for the romantic: This makes a great and romantic Christmas engagement if the time is right! At the end of the journey you could propose and offer an engagement ring. 

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