As we count down the last days of 2013, we pause to celebrate some of the most inspiring and insightful articles published on this past year.

We have been blessed to learn from some of the most influential leaders, authors and personalities within the Christian community. Believe continues to add new voices and we hope to bring you uplifting content to help you in your walk with God in 2014.

Before we move forward, let’s take a look at what resonated with you in 2013. While our contributors deliver compelling articles on such topics as Marriage, Community, Faith, Family, Entertainment, etc., a quick glance at the most viewed posts in 2013 reveals that Christian Dating was by far the most popular topic.

Interestingly, a couple of the most viewed contributors were young men with immense talent, Jefferson Bethke and Jarrid Wilson. Both men offer dating advice that is wise beyond their years and encourage ladies and gents to honor God while searching for the perfect spouse He intended.

Other key contributors making the list include author T E Hanna, Pastor Clayton Coates, Mandy Hale (“The Single Woman”), Dr. David Hawkins (Marriage Recovery Center), and Dr. Michael L. Brown (FIRE School of Ministry),

Some of the popular new contributors joining the new over recent months are: Jerry B. Jenkins (NYT Bestselling Left Behind Series co-author) John Piper (Desiring God), Sharon Jaynes (Girlfriends in God), Jim Daly (Focus on the Family), Allison Herrin (MAIA Moms), Caleb Breakey (Dating Like Airplanes author), Ray Comfort (Living Waters Publications), Mary Fairchild (, Dave Ramsey (Dave Ramsey Show), Joni Eareckson Tada (Joni and Friends) and bestselling author Frank Viola.

Many more Christian leaders join’s team of contributors throughout the year, so stay tuned as champions of the faith new and old to the Believe community share their biblical insight over a wide array of topics that resonate with the Christians of all walks.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 articles of 2013:

1. The Greatest Thing a Woman Can Do for a Man, Part 1 by Jefferson Bethke

2. Four Dating Tips for Christian Singles by Jarrid Wilson

3. 10 Differences between Dating a Boy vs. Dating a Man by Jarrid Wilson

4. The Games Girls Are Made to Play by Jefferson Bethke

5. Fun and Interesting Date Ideas by ChristianMingle

6. When Love Walks Away by T E Hanna

7. The Waste of Size by Jarrid Wilson

8. Dating Defined Part 1 by Clayton Coates

9. Preparing Your Heart to Date by Clayton Coates

10. A Long-Distance Path to Love by Tre & Miki Reaume

11. Will I Be Single Forever? by Mandy Hale

12. Dating for Powergirls by Jenni Catron

13. Are You Really Ready to Date? by Dr. David Hawkins

14. The Simple Prayer That Brought Me My Wonderful Bride by Michael L. Brown

15. Five Dating Tips for Guys That Are Single by Jarrid Wilson

16. Does God Want Me to Be Single Forever? by Stephanie May

17. Three Dating Questions That Gauge Spiritual Life by Gary Poole

18. Tips for Finding Love by Teri Johnson

19. Why You Date by Jefferson Bethke

20. How Is Your Prayer Life? by Tere Scott

Thanks for reading and being part of the Believe community!

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