This is Day 14 of the 30 Days of Giving: Making Christmas Meaningful campaign, which is designed to bring the community creative and practical ways to cheerfully give this holiday season through gifts, relationships and charity. Come visit the 30 Days of Giving Advent Calendar each day in our countdown to Christmas for intriguing and original ways to help you to experience and spread the spirit of joyful giving that God intended throughout the holiday season.

While Christmas is about joyously celebrating the birth of Christ our Lord and spending time with family and friends, the gift-giving process can sometimes become a stressful part of this holiday. It can be difficult to think of new and inventive presents with each passing year or to find something for that special someone that seems to have it all. 

However, a gift that can almost surely be a crowd pleaser still remains: the fragrance. Whether it’s cologne or perfume, both men and women enjoy fragrances as a gift.

This Christmas, take advantage of some of the new scents recently released or old favorites that have maintained their popularity over the years and take some of the stress out of over thinking what you might give this year.


1. Jay Z Gold is a brand new fragrance released Nov. 29 and the first solo fragrance attempt by Jay Z. The bottle is white with gold accents and looks similar to a flask with a wide base. The notes in the fragrance feature fruit tones like grapefruit and blueberry, but also amber, teak, vanilla and others to create a complex scent in a luxurious looking bottle. ($39 to $70)

2. The Game by Davidoff comes in a bottle that is made to look like a stack of poker chips. The notes in the scent are a combination of juniper berries with a woody tone to make for a masculine scent without any musky undertone. ($23 to $52)

3. Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss is a new spin on the original Hugo Boss fragrance. The scent combines contrasting notes to create a multifaceted fragrance, perfect for the complex man looking for the same in his cologne. ($55 to $72)

4. GUCCI Guilty is a relatively new fragrance, but hit the ground running with its debut in the last few years. The scent offers a combination of Italian lemon, mandarin and even pink pepper. The result is a fresh yet masculine scent. ($27 to $95)

5. Diesel Fuel For Life comes in a clear bottle with a rustic looking jacket and twist cap top. The scent is far from rustic smelling but definitely holds the attention of anyone who smells it. ($57 to $67.50)

6. Before Midnight by John Galliano is a debut fragrance offered by the brand for men. The bottle is short and wide with blue tones. The scent features green apple, pepper, cardamom, violet leaf, lavender, plum, tonka bean, amber and tobacco. ($50 to $100)


7. JLove by Jennifer Lopez is the 20th fragrance in her many perfume endeavors. The scent features a mix of fruit and floral and is great for a JLo fan or someone looking for the next big scent out there. ($39 to $49)

8. Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry offers an ultra-subtle fragrance with floral notes. This is a delicate scent that features waterlily, raspberry and violet flowers. ($15 to $28)

9. L’Acquarossa by Fendi is a new fragrance by the brand that is aimed at an older audience than its other fragrances. The scent features red cedar, musk, orange blossom and other more complex tones. ($42 to $98)

10. Diesel Loverdose Tattoo is an updated version of Diesel’s Loverdose scent that was released in 2011. The bottle is shaped like a black heart with hard curves and angles with a side tilt. While the bottle may look hardcore, the scent is actually comforting and subtle with jasmine and orange blossom notes. ($55 to $75)

11. Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is a brand new fragrance for women set in a rectangular bottle in a bright fuchsia color. The notes include green tangerine, orange blossom and even marshmallow. ($79 to $112)

12. Michael Kors released a trio of fragrances for women to cater towards the different personalities and likes of differing females. The Sport Citrus scent is great for those looking for something a little lighter, the Sexy Amber scent is perfect for those looking for deeper notes and the Glam Jasmine has complex notes featuring both jasmine and sandalwood. ($50 to $95)

Purchasing fragrances as gifts for your friends and family members can be a great route for those looking to simplify their shopping list this year. However, just because the list might be simplified doesn’t diminish the quality of the gift.

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