We all agree praying is a spiritual discipline. But, who said it can’t be fun or creative?

In fact, JOY is a fruit of the Spirit and I’m pretty sure the word “enJOY” is part of that. Praying should not be a fumbling like when a worship leader says “Jesus … just, just …” in low monotone syllables.

We can pray in some surprising ways, I think. Here are 10 CRAZY ways to pray. Be an Internet intercessor and share your ideas, too.

1. Prayer Bomb: A prayer bomb is when you feel prompted by the Spirit about a friend, family member or someone in your smart phone address book and text them “I am praying for you right now!” A bonus is when you text the actual prayer. “Joey, I’m praying your day is amazing!” “Emma, I’m remembering your loss and praying for God’s comfort on you.”

2. Eyes WIDE Open: If you are with a friend, look at him or her as you pray for them. It’s not a law that you have to have your eyes open. This is especially helpful when driving a car, as closed-eye-praying and driving is more dangerous than texting and driving. (Yep, you should not Prayer Bomb while you drive unless its hands free).

3. Facebook Prayer Request: OK, you can use Google Chat, iMessage or anything like that. Pop on your friend’s chat window and ask, “I am going to pray for you right now (or today), is there anything you want me to remember you in prayer about?” Your buddies will then hopefully give you the details.

4. Pray at the END of a meal: After the chow is downed, go around the table and ask your friends or family to share something you are each of you can pray about for each other. You can start the meal saying, “We are gonna skip prayer until the end because it’s fun and because was can …”

5. Prayer Hike: I love walking and hiking when the opportunity comes up. Take a couple friends or family members on a walk and talk prayer. “God, thanks for that AMAZING sunset!” You don’t have to pray every second. You just have to decide at the beginning of the hike to be open to share prayers as you go. In Creation, we see God’s fingerprints and can pray back to God those observations.

6. Write A Note of Prayer: If you are praying for someone, why not write that prayer down and send it in snail mail as a note. This is so crazy it might actually freak out the recipient. If your small group is praying already for a person, why not let everyone sign a “prayed for you” card! It is worth the stamp to imagine the reaction on the other end. Yep, it is OK to want to bless people by remembering them in prayer.

7. Birthday Prayer: Imagine if you thoughtfully wrote a letter, Facebook status, or email to your friends and family on their birthday that contained not a simple “Happy Birthday” but prayed over them and their lives. It means at least once a year you are remembering the people in your life. “Dear Susan, I am here to say Happy Birthday. I am also here to tell you that I am praying for your life — for success and significance both to be the hallmark of it.” This can be short, but don’t skip. Your words can be life-changing with God working through you!

8. Your Kids Pray for You: It might sound unconventional, but let your kids pray for your life if you are a parent, uncle, or have kids in your life. “Son, pray for me to get that job and for me to learn how to better love you as my son.” These moments might allow you to see children not as half people, but as little packages with the whole Holy Spirit in them God can and will hear their prayers!

9. Say NOTHING Prayer: Silence, when intentional, can be a very powerful way to listen to God. Before you begin your silence in prayer it is OK to set up were you are with God. The key here is to actually trust that God will say something to you during your silent thoughts. To keep awake, chewing gum works. Also, keep a pencil and pad close by to record what thoughts come to mind. God may very well speak to you — directly and indirectly.

10. Pray OUTLOUD Alone: If there is no one around, why not use your vocal chords. I heard of one friend who yelled into the ocean from the beach. Whatever is deep or on the surface, let it verbally be taken off your chest. God wants us to be honest and open with all of who we as we seek to learn and see all of who he is. Declaring things verbally is also an act of faith. If I pray, “God, I know you promise to hear me as your child,” it may be that you hear back from him.

BONUS: Online prayer meetings can work! Use Google Hangouts to call a prayer meeting and as the Spirit leads pray! This is green in that you save fuel and the environment. It can also mean you might actually be praying with people from anywhere in the world!

I am sure there are crazier ideas out there in the prayer department. And, I hope you would help me out and each other out by sharing what these are!

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