Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh. Genesis 2:24 

There is a famous joke where a wife asks he husband why he never tells her that he loves her. He responds with, “I told you that I loved you when we got married. If that ever changes, I’ll let you know.”

While you don’t need to TELL your spouse that you love him all the time, you really should SHOW him that you love him on a regular basis. Don’t think you have the time, money or energy? Here are 10 simple things that you can do right now and all of them will fit within your budget of time and money.

Send Some Mail

Since 1944, Hallmark Cards has used the well-known slogan: “When you care enough to send the very best.” Most of us think of sending cards to friends and family for holidays and birthdays, but why not show your spouse that you “care enough” to send them a greeting card, “just because?”

In these days of email and texting, surprising your honey with a “real” card and sending it the old fashioned way to either your home or her office, will be worth 10 times the price of the card.

Buy a Special Treat

While we may enjoy the “idea” of spending money on lavish gifts for our loved ones, most of us don’t have the money to do so on a regular basis. Know this – it’s the little things that matter. The next time that you are at the store, find some little thing that you know your spouse will appreciate and buy it for him.

Whether it be a candy bar, magazine, a single rose or even breakfast cereal, find something that is one of his favorites. This simple act will affirm to your partner that you really know him.

Honor Them on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

A common situation among married people is that they don’t bother honoring their better half on these holidays using the excuse that “they are not MY parent.” So what? If your husband/wife is a good father/mother to your children, tell them so! Even if your children are grown, remind them that you could not have raised your kids without them.

In addition, make sure that your children find some way to honor the other parent on these days as well.

Make Date Nights a Priority

Life is busy and most of us would say that we don’t spend enough time with our kids as it is. However, the time that couples spend alone could be even less. Even if your spouse says that she is too busy, take the time to take her out for coffee or see a movie. Remember that children are a part of your family but not the center of your family. Everything hinges on mom and dad’s relationship.

A Hug and Kiss Every Day

When you were dating, chances are pretty good that you couldn’t wait to hug and kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend, but as the years go on and life settles a bit, it becomes easier and easier to neglect simple physical gestures of love. And don’t forget the power of holding hands!

Give Compliments

Yes, both men and women, even after they have been married for many years, still appreciate hearing that their wife or husband still finds them attractive “after all these years.” Don’t ever let someone else compliment your bride or groom more than you do.

Do Something for Them That You Would Not Appreciate Yourself

One of the ultimate ways of saying “I love you” is attending a ballet performance with your wife or a monster truck rally for your man. Those are just examples of course. You know which activities your loved one would “love” for you to join them at least once.

The idea of sacrificing your time to do something when you’d rather be doing something else can speak volumes. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new favorite hobby. Really, it could happen.

Listen to Them

This goes without saying of course, however, challenge yourself to refrain from saying “yes dear” or “I know.” Repeat back to them what they just said and tell them how you might be able to handle the task at hand. They just might return the favor.

Remember Key Things and Dates

In addition to remembering birthdays and anniversaries, keep key events in your memory bank as well. The dates of these events are not important, but remembering what they are is. Do you two have a special song? What did you do on your first date? What was the best date the two of you ever did together? What does your spouse wear that you especially like and why? One of the best things you can give your lover is the assurance that you really know them.

Call or Email Often

It may sound silly, but giving a simple phone call “just because” or a note to “just say hi” will give your best friend a lift. Doubt it? Give it a try. A word of caution though: do this TOO often and you’ll wear out your welcome.

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