On February 14, 2014, Wade and I began mingling. Wade is the reason why I officially joined ChristianMingle. I had uploaded a free profile, but Wade was persistent in contacting me. Even though I was nervous, I decided to embrace innovation and take a leap of faith; I became a member. We began sending countless messages through the site and got to know each other. Eventually we exchanged telephone numbers and spent hours conversing over the phone. Within seven days, Wade made the statement, “I am going to marry you.” Two weeks later, he flew to St. Louis from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, so that we could meet in-person. We went to breakfast and then went to look for wedding rings.
Wade is consistent and loving. On May 11, 2014, which was Mother’s Day and my birthday, Wade proposed. He blessed me with a beautiful ring.

We have met each other’s families and started planning our wedding. We got married on June 21, 2014, in St. Louis, and I have relocated to North Carolina. We are truly excited and extremely grateful to our Heavenly Father. God is the source and the strength of our life! To God be the Glory!
Wade and I found ChristianMingle to be safe and user friendly. It was important to both of us that our future spouse was a Christian. We appreciated the option to be able to upload a free profile before having to become a member. Receiving the daily profiles showed how diverse the site was. The ease of navigating the inbox to send and retrieve messages was a breeze. The notification of a new message always caused an element of excitement. We are truly thankful to ChristianMingle for providing the opportunity for us to meet one another.

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