Every winter season it happens. After many weeks of planning, hoping and praying, friends and family gather to celebrate the reason for the [end of the football] season — the Super Bowl. 

If You Host It, They Will Come

This most anticipated sporting event — the king of all football games — appeals to the masses, sports fans or not because of the food, fun and fellowship. This makes the Super Bowl party an ideal vehicle for outreach. Your buddy from work may have declined your offer to come to Sunday services, but he’s likely take you up on an invitation to gather round a big screen and watch the game, which everyone knows is better shared with friends and fellow football fans while noshing on a sumptuous spread.

Show Me The Munchies!

Perhaps we should also say, “If you feed them, they will come.” The right snacks, after all, are the secret ingredient to any great Super Bowl party. Whether you grill outside, host a pot-luck, have your meal catered or whip it all up yourself in the kitchen, you’ll likely have one or more of the following on the menu:

  • Wings: Whether you like ’em hot or mild, served with ranch or blue cheese, with our without celery, chicken wings are a Super Bowl staple.
  • Chili: Traditional at many Super Bowl parties, a delicious pot of homemade chili will be a hit whether it’s spicy or tangy or served up in a bowl or in mug. Added bonus: all the ingredients for a great chili can be thrown in the crockpot and left to simmer into a delicious meal while you prepare for other aspects of the party.
  • Pizza: Simple to serve up and super easy to eat, you don’t have to make a mess in the kitchen or dash off to the store for ingredients. Just pick up the phone and call it in for delivery. 
  • Burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches: These are classic comfort foods great for game day. 
  • Finger foods and appetizers: This can mean so many different things, including but not limited to nachos, chips and salsa or chips and dip, guacamole, crackers and cheese, fruit and/or veggie trays, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, shrimp and cocktail sauce, popcorn and party mix.

Great Moments Are Born of Great Opportunity…

Mission fields aren’t just found in third world countries, they are right in our own backyards. Our mission field is wherever God has placed us, and we glorify Him by serving those around us—our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers in all we do, including the party we throw on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Does God Care About Football?

In the inspirational football movie Facing the Giants, Coach Grant Taylor’s response to this question from one of his football players was: 

“I think He cares about your faith. He cares about where your heart is. And if you can live your faith out on the football field then yes, God cares about football because He cares about you. He sent His son Jesus to die for us so we could live for Him. That’s why we’re here. But see, it’s not just on the football field; we’ve got to honor Him in our relationships, our respect for authority, in the classroom, and when you’re at home alone surfing the internet. I want God to bless this team so much that people talk about what He did. But it means we got to give Him our best in every area. If we win, we praise Him. And if we lose, we praise Him. Either way, we honor Him with our actions and our attitudes.”

But does that quote have anything to do with a Super Bowl party? Absolutely, because we honor God by sharing our faith with others. That doesn’t only have to happen by inviting people to church — although that’s good, too. 

We honor God through our relationships — through our interactions with others — believers and non-believers alike. The Super Bowl is a great time for fellowship with family and friends, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to reach out to new neighbors or co-workers you’d like to know better.

Regardless of whether or not they know Christ or feel comfortable discussing their faith, football is a safe subject, and gathering to watch the Super Bowl together is a wonderful equalizer. No matter how well we know one another or how much we understand about football, anyone can enjoy the food and contribute to the conversation during the game, even if it’s only about the commercials or the half-time show!

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