We all know that the Bible says no sex before marriage, but knowing and following it are two different things. There are many different reasons for this. One is that many people have excellent intentions about living a Christian lifestyle, but when it comes right down to it, it’s not that easy.

This sort of want to/hard to mentality is akin to going on a diet. You want to lose weight, but when you’re in line at the all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s just too difficult to pass on the chocolate cream pie.

Lest the above paragraph sounds patronizing, avoiding junk food is hard for the most disciplined dieter, just like avoiding temptation is hard for the most disciplined Christian.

So what makes the difference between people who will not only achieve their goal weight but maintain it? What makes the difference between Christians who will not only attempt abstinence before marriage but succeed? Hint: It’s not just willpower.

If you’re hungry and sad, doughnuts are going to look pretty amazing. And if you’re with a good looking person and you’re in an uncompromising position, going a little too far is going to feel amazing. Don’t fall for the “I’ll just pray God protects me from temptation” trick. Prayer is awesome, but it’s up to us to do the right thing before our brains get fired up on dopamine and we make poor choices.

Tip: Don’t be alone with doughnuts or members of the opposite sex if you don’t want to cheat on your promise!

Here are 10 ways this New Years to have fun without crossing the line

  1. The Movies: Doing something in a crowd keeps you accountable. Plus, the chances of getting naked in a movie theatre is pretty much next to nothing, especially if you stick with #2 on the list.
  2. Choose Entertainment Carefully: It’s easy to fill up our minds with garbage. Choose topics that are lighter or get you to think. It’s more to laugh and talk about afterwards. Where to do this? See #3.
  3. A Coffee Shop: Yes, lots of coffee shops are open on New Year’s. It’s a great place for first dates and seasoned daters to get to know each other’s minds, not just their bodies. Plus, all that coffee breath will keep the kissing at bay. smiley
  4. Volunteer Together: If your commitment this year is to be of service, why not do it with a special someone who shares your values? There are likely lots of older people stuck at home on New Year’s. Why not pay them a visit and do some housework for them? You might get some fun stories out of them about what life was like back in the day.
  5. Go to the Theatre: There’s a lot of live entertainment venues to choose from if you live close to a city and it can be a fun change from a movie theatre.
  6. Babysit: Yes, babysit. While you may not have children yet, or if you are a single mom or dad, why not give the night off to someone else? You and your date can hang out while the kids play. Consider getting a few couples together so you are not alone. In the house. Which leads us to this list in the first place.
  7. Have a Cooking Party: Instead of excessive drinking, which can speed things up pretty quick, consider throwing a party where everyone cooks. Or have a potluck and have a movie marathon.
  8. Go to a Theme Park: Many theme parks are open on New Years. They can be a nice change from the bar crowd.
  9. Hang Out with Your Family: Yeah, it might sound boring to hang with your siblings or parents, but that’s the point. There’s little chance of doing something stupid when you’re in the same room with people who share your last name. Besides, it’s a great chance to see how everyone gets along!
  10. Check for Church Events in Your Neighborhood: Some places hold concerts. If  your church isn’t throwing one, consider driving a bit farther for a change of scenery.

As encouragement, consider the following passage.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.  —1 Corinthians 6:20

It’s not easy, but nothing worth waiting for comes easily. You’re worth waiting for, too. Happy New Year from all at Believe.

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