I love Sunday morning corporate worship. It energizes me to worship with other believers, and be challenged by good, solid preaching.

But corporate gatherings alone will dry me up, spiritually. I need small group life.

You do, too.

Why Small Groups are Vital to Your Spiritual Growth:

1. It’s too easy to hide in a large gathering.
It’s tougher to hide in a small group. 

2. It’s too easy to be passive during a sermon.
Wallflowers don’t last long in a small group.

3. There is little to no accountability.
Follow-through is much easier in a small group.

4. We’re prone to think we matter too little.
Small groups remind us that we are loved.

5. We’re prone to think we matter too much.
Small groups remind us that others have problems, too.

6. We’re prone to think, “They need to hear this.”
Small groups challenge us to personally apply Truth.

7. We’re prone to think, “This is only for me …”
Small groups keep us from cycling into destructive self-pity and loathing.

8. When we cry, there’s nobody to ask us, “What’s going on?”
Small groups don’t let tears go unchecked.

9. No food is allowed in most worship gatherings. #Lame.
We eat well in our small group.

10. “Be quiet while the pastor is preaching!”
Small group gives you time to have deep, life-stirring conversations with people.

11. Convictions go unchecked.
When the Spirit moves in small group, you’ve got time to slow down.

12. Specific needs go un-prayed for.
Small groups pray for the specific needs of their group members.

13. There’s no time for questions.

Small groups ask hard questions and allow for discovery.

Are you in a small group? Has it helped you grow spiritually?

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