Just wanted you to know Kevin and I met through your web site. The first time we talked was October 31,2009. Your site said we were a 91% match, WOW!

Kevin flew into Albany on Christmas Eve…amazing, we hit it right off! In the time leading up to Christmas Eve we were talking on the phone daily, went on phone dates! 1250 miles apart was not easy. I moved to Florida on December 26,2009. I have had the pleasure to live with missionaries and help out with a ministry and Kevin and I both feel so blessed. Our new life together began as a phone long distance friendship, then I moved to Florida with the support of my Pastor at the church I belonged to. Then Kevin’s Pastor, Dorothy, began to get involved and got me a place to stay while I waited for the marriage to take place! We waited, we did not live together as it is not in God’s plan for man and woman to sin!

Kevin and I were married May 1,2010! WHOOP WHOOP. Thank you so much for your site. If not for God’s use of that, I may not have ever met this man that I adore and love today!

Theresa (Btheresa40 & Longboarder45)

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