We are in a war over grace …

The world has long battled the idea that grace itself is either a free pass to sin or the reason we must behave properly. The world is at war to find out if the grace is the vehicle of love, kindness, forgiveness and reconciliation that Jesus presented; or a tool for moral and behavioral modification.

When the world finds itself in a war against sin, and addressing that sin; we have a chance to win the battle by offering grace. Grace is unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness and RECONCILIATION. It is something offered to us, and something we can offer to others. But it is not something we can control or manipulate.

One of the greatest examples of grace is how Jesus interacted with the woman who was caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11) He gracefully loved her in her moment of shame and apparent condemnation.

But, He did not condemn her. Instead, He offered her grace, while addressing her sin. Jesus was not “soft on sin,” but rather He was strong in grace!

The reality is that we vote for the results in other people’s lives when we decide if they will be “out” forever due to their sin or if they will “resurrect” and make a difference. If we vote for resurrection, we are truly living out and demonstrating the grace that Jesus offered.

We establish in these moments if we are recipients of grace, or the gatekeepers of morality. We do not have to ignore, or discount the reality of sin.

But, we are not called to condemn! Grace acknowledges sin for what it truly is, and still chooses to offer love, kindness, forgiveness and reconciliation. 

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