Our 7 month old daughter Addy is growing up so fast.  Friends and family did warn us that these weeks and months will fly by in the blink of an eye.  Recently, we’ve added vegetables to her meal time.

A few months ago, we introduced her to rice cereal and oatmeal, which we gave her from a bowl and spoon.  She absolutely loved it, so much so that she would swallow one bite and then open her mouth as wide as she could with her tongue straight out ready for the next bite.

We assumed that she loved to eat (which we were correct) but we thought that meant she would love new foods we offered (boy were we ever wrong).  When Addy took her first bite of green beans, her face showed a little confusion and concern with the new flavors.  But after a few bites, she didn’t want anything to do with the green beans. In fact, there were times where she wouldn’t even open her mouth to take a bite.

I believe that we can do the same thing with church.  When we go to church on a Sunday morning, when we sing the songs that we like and are familiar with, and the pastor gives a good, encouraging and uplifting message, we love it.  In fact, we want more of it!  Some would even open their mouths wide open to beg for more of that.  But, what about the days we go and hear a challenging and convicting message…one that doesn’t really make us feel comfortable, but pushes us outside of our comfort zone (and I’m not talking about style of worship, contemporary/traditional, etc…)?

Here’s what I know about the local church.  It doesn’t exist to make you and your family happy.  The local church isn’t a product to be consumed.  As a follower of Christ, there are things that are incredibly encouraging and remind you of the blessing of a relationship with Jesus.  But, there are also things that will push you outside of what’s comfortable. The question is, are you going to respond to challenge the same way you respond to encouragement?

How do you respond to tough and challenging parts of Scripture?

How can you be more eager to be transformed by Jesus even when it’s going to make you uncomfortable?

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