Have you ever wondered how to judge the character of the people in your life? Have you ever wondered what they really believe and how much they really love? Have you ever wondered if the so called Christians in your life truly believe all they claim to believe?

Here’s the most powerful way to discover the answers …

The GREATEST test of our character and values is how we respond to someone else’s sin and failure! Will we love, judge or reject?

The saddest reality is that the Church and Christians are the people most often failing this test. I know this from personal experience.

When I have faced failure and struggle as a pastor, and more importantly as a fellow Christian, the church has been the primary source of grief and condemnation. When my sins have been exposed, it has been this crowd that has most often treated me like a criminal. 

In contrast, the outside world seems to be supportive. They seem to be understanding and loving in the midst my struggles.

You can see this displayed so often when figures of faith and Christian leaders fail. It is the messy, broken people in the world who show the greatest grace and love towards them. WHY???? Because for the broken and messy people, they are honest and know that we are ALL just messy and broken. 

As Christians we are called to reflect the nature of Jesus and ultimately God. God’s character was revealed in His reaction to our sin and failure. His reaction was love and compassion. So much love that He sent His only son to give His life to ransom us and reconcile us! (Romans 5:8-9) That is my God.

It is time the Church and Christians begin to reflect this nature. We need to be willing to personally pay a high price to see messy and broken people healed and restored. We are called to love each other in and through the messy and broken parts of our lives.

As followers of Jesus, we will be known by our love (John 13:35), not our judgment, morals and “goodness.”

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