I want to share something with you concerning the spiritual discipline of prayer. It is well documented that prayer and revival are synonymous. When revival breaks out among people, churches, communities, regions, it is often preceded by the prayers of a person or persons—a remnant. That said, the enemy will do all that he can to get us out of the spirit of prayer. He will have people call, text, tweet, facebook, instagram, or swing by right when we have determined to get alone with God. He may even just cause us to get busy all of a sudden. This strategy by the enemy is part of spiritual warfare and requires us to crucify our flesh and take every thought captive. However, there is one more battle that every Christian must face—following the leading of the Holy Spirit in our prayer time and being okay with changing things up.

I faced this battle this week. I was in prayer and it seemed like I could not breakthrough to heaven. Ever been there? I spent an extended time in prayer, but it was as if my prayers could not pass the ceiling in my room. I examined my heart, asked the Lord if there was anything I had done to grieve His Spirit, and then went through the spiritual checklist in my mind. Silence. I went ahead with my prayers and, to be completely transparent with you, it was rough. I simply chalked it up to being “one of those prayer times.”

Today, I walked into my prayer closet, and it started off much the same way as it did last week, that is, until I sensed in my heart the Lord saying to me, “Can you please change this up?” He let me understand in a matter of seconds that this—what we have with Him—is a LIVING relationship. Yes, he is a God of order, but the Word also says that He is the God of the LIVING! I immediately changed up my routine and rivers of LIVING waters (LIVING… there’s that word again) started flowing out of my belly as I prayed.

So, if your prayers don’t seem to be penetrating or it seems like you are spiritually dead even though you know the Lord is with you, be open to changing up your prayer regiment. The enemy and his demonic firefighters would love nothing more than to throw water on the fire of God and discourage our times of prayer. It is prayer that will keep our hearts pliable before God. It is prayer that brings down the fire and purifies our motives and causes us to want to crucify our flesh. It is prayer that allows us to experience our Heavenly Father move mountains. I pray this encourages you. Onward and upward Christian soldiers!!!

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