Technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, with popular items like Smartphones and tablets becoming the new norm.

While Internet usage was once thought of as a luxury for cell phone users, nowadays it seems that almost every provider offers some sort of affordable unlimited data package. The same can be said for tablets, for as once the laptop used to rain supreme, nowadays there are even tablets that are meant to be used for toddlers.
The race to become the most innovative in the tech world has given rise to new products, such as cell phone wristwatches and tablets that can convert handwriting into typed format. Perhaps one of the most intriguing tech products to hit the market is Google Glass.
In fact, the technology is so new that it is not currently available to the mass public. Google Glass offers The Glass Explorer Program, which allows those interested in the product to sign up to be part of the first batch of users to experiment with the product while helping developers to maximize its functionality in the real world.
Google Glass is a multimedia component that offers hands free operation as a miniature computer through an optical head-mounted display. Essentially, it is a pair of glasses that has a computer attached to the frame, so users can look through to see what they might be looking at via a tablet.
The frame currently comes in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton or Sky, and is not only lightweight, but also strong and highly flexible. There are a number of improvements rumored to be coming to the original frames, such as glasses that allow for customizable lenses for those who need prescription eyewear. Rumor has it that Google Glass may even be collaborating with high end sunglass brands to make the frames trendy and unique.
However, while the actual details of the frame and lens portion of Google Glass may not be set in stone yet, the function has already blown away users and those looking to purchase this product in the foreseeable future.

Google Glass works with voice recognition, like so many tech products, to increase the function of the product. One function that is becoming the biggest draw to the device is being able to take a picture or a video from what you are seeing through the optical head-mounted display just by saying a few words, rather than fumbling around with small buttons or having to hold up a tablet or phone.

Also, it works with Internet capability so that you can share with friends online – not just videos, but what you are actually seeing live in the moment. Some of the other features include GPS navigation, sending messages via the speak microphone to text option, translation of differing languages and even Googling questions while on-the-go.
With any new technology that comes out in the marketplace, there will inevitably be some controversial aspects that require a bit of thought. Whether this will come into play by the developers is something that is yet to be seen.

A great example is the fact that the GPS navigation allows for directions through the actual optical viewpoint. With new laws concerning cell phone usage while driving, this functionality poses a bit of a question mark in how developers plan to make it a safe product for real world use.

Another aspect that has some concerned is the issue involving privacy when it comes to being able to video record, photograph and share through the Internet what is being seen through the actual optical display.
Some of these aspects may be the reason why the product has yet to be released to the general public, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the attention it has been receiving in terms of those looking to get one of their own.

To find out how you can be one of the first to try this revolutionary product, check out The Glass Explorer Program.

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