Where were you the moment you knew?

For many of us, true love is only a fairy tale we long for. But, the truth about fairy tales is… they don’t exist.

This is real.

Your love story is real.

Do you remember what it was like when you first fell in love? That moment when your love story settled in around you? That’s real.

Whether he was your childhood sweetheart or you knew it the moment you saw her, no two love stories are the same. We want to know how you knew it was true love.

Everyone has a love story. Share yours with us.

Want to submit your story to #TheMomentWeKnew? Here’s what we’ll need:

1. A picture of you and your S.O.

2. Quickly describe the moment you knew it was love

3.  Follow us on Instagram

Email your story to TheMomentWeKnew@spark.net!

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