The Jonas Brothers, once thought of as great role models in the music industry with a deep connection to their faith, have started to spark intrigue with their most recent words and actions following their Disney signing … but their hope is that their new album, Lowdown, released December 3, will capture the kind of attention they really want.

A great way to get a better understanding of the group’s plight is through their latest album, Lowdown. Unlike a standard album that contains songs from the artist, this is an album that features interviews with the Jonas Brothers throughout their professional careers. 

This is a two disc album that has a run time of 139 minutes and comes from a label that has done similar albums for others in the music industry. Disc 1 features nine tracks and Disc 2 contains eight tracks. Each track allows listeners to hear interview responses with each of the brothers throughout the years, which can allow for a better understanding of who they were in each particular time in their lives. 

Topics that are covered feature everything from what it is like to be in the Jonas Brothers and what each brother looks for in the opposite sex to how it feels to perform, their acting careers, family member reflections and even random question and answer interviews.

With their big break coming from Disney, the Jonas Brothers have unfortunately hit snags in their personal lives, as so many of their Disney predecessors have.
Just as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus were first marketed as squeaky clean teen idols by Disney to only later go on to experience tumultuous times in their personal lives that played out in the media, the Jonas Brothers also fell victim to marketing schemes to help further their careers.
A huge aspect in the band’s branding early on in its career was the fact that it did have a background stemming from the church. As siblings with a pastor father, all brothers had a childhood that involved active participation in the church. In fact, the brothers joined a group called, True Love Waits, which entailed members making a conscious decision to wait until marriage before partaking in sexual intercourse. 

A big part of how the media depicted the brothers early on in their career featured how the brothers all wore purity rings, and Disney continued to perpetuate this type of branding through the roles they were given and the music in their early albums.
However, trouble began brewing within the group with cancelled Disney shows, attempted solo careers and even a group breakup to prove it. The Jonas Brothers cited creative differences as the reason for their breakup, but Joe Jonas recently gave an interview that has shocked audiences with the revelations about their personal and professional careers.
In an interview with New York Magazine, Joe stated, “I mean, I believe in God, and that’s a personal relationship that I have, but I’m not religious in any way.” 

He also went on to say, “Because of our age, because of Disney, because of those rings, there were so many things throughout our career that we had to sugarcoat. We decided to take the rings off a few years ago. I lost my virginity when I was 20. I did other stuff before then, but I was sexually active at 20.” 
The interview helped to shed light on the real story behind what the media has tried to “brand” the Jonas Brothers as over the years. However, this short interview is just a singular and short reflection of the Jonas Brothers.

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