The willingness to submit to Someone greater than anyone I can ever hope to become. Humbling myself before the God who made me, and then set me free to choose Him, is a powerful gift. A gift that fills His heart with joy. Over me. How amazing is that?


The wish to be part of something more. Something larger than myself. I’m trading up my 20-inch black-and-white for the IMAX experience, my burning desire to become part of God’s bigger plan.


The wonder of stepping into God’s presence and being bathed in who He is compared to who I’m not. So much of God’s majesty remains hidden when I’m not actively seeking. Even if He granted me a hundred lifetimes, I could never grasp His greatness.


The wings that accompany emptying myself before Him. Laying at his feet, stripped bare and vulnerable. When I offer myself to be filled with His grace and goodness, I fly. How incredible that He loves me in my weakness most of all.


The want of discovering a relationship with the One who loves me most. The One who will never disappoint, walk away, or let me down. His perfection allows for nothing less than total commitment. Where else can I find such devotion?


What are your wonders of worship?

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