As a pastor, I desperately want God to do something incredible with my life and in my church. I spend a regular amount of time asking, even begging, God for these very things.

Do you ever feel this way?

If I don’t see it happening, it’s not because of the members, the staff, a bad week or any other external circumstance … The reason is ME.

The condition of the leader’s heart and his focus will be the condition and focus of the thing he is leading. No exception!

If my church is stagnant, my heart is stagnant. If my church is suffering, my desire for Jesus has suffered. If lives aren’t changing, I have taken my eyes off of the miracle of life change that Jesus brings. I must own the condition of my church as the overflow of my life and my heart.

Like Peter experienced, when we take our eyes off of Jesus, our lives are at risk. When we get our church’s focus off of Jesus, our church is at risk of losing life!

Your desire, your focus and your intention in following Jesus in your personal life, as a leader, will determine the condition of your ministry!

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