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“Passion converts tomorrow’s illusions into today’s reality”

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the material you now have at your fingertips. The circle of success is waiting for you is a simple program/book, user friendly, and effective, but even more importantly, it has the power to revolutionize the way you live your life.

Sometimes the road of life is a bit bumpy; other times it has the ability to rock you side to side AND up and down. The Circle of Success shows you how to successfully navigate any road life takes you down. It will help you link your emotions with practical solutions that I have come to understand and implement in my own life. All of these concepts have been tested and ring true in the real world. You will find in the Circle of Success powerful tools you will tailor to fit your individual desires, passions, and expectations in life.

What is the Circle of Success?

The Circle of Success is a unique program/book that will help you reach success in all areas of your life: relationships, money, health, home, work, and every other stop along the road. The main reason I call it the Circle of Success is to emphasize the cyclical nature of our lives. Everything connects into a beautiful circle, and you have an opportunity every day to strengthen your circle in order to reach levels of success you have always dreamed about.

There are 3 components of the Circle of Success:

•    Energy
•    Time
•    Money


What impacts your energy level?

Why is energy so important?

What do we do with energy?

Have you ever considered these questions before? Energy is critical to success, and it is also an elusive idea. We struggle to maintain positive energy flow, especially when things do not go according to plan. We want this; we want that; we want it all! And why shouldn’t we have it? We deserve it! But when we get down to the hard work of achieving goals, it’s hard to pull up the energy we need to get the job done.

I have found that energy is directly impacted by my outlook on life.

That may sound simple, but it is the absolute truth. If my attitude is positive, I am filled with more than enough energy to deal with day-to-day challenges in life. However, if my attitude is negative, I can barely drag myself through the day. Have you experienced this? Take a look at how your outlook on life impacts your energy level. You may be very surprised to see how closely they are linked.

Energy is also impacted by your emotional state of mind.

Do you feel like your emotions are always running in high gear? That’s draining, isn’t it? Depression is also a serious enemy of your energy levels. Turbulent emotions can sap all of your energy in a matter of minutes.

Do you feel as if you have been violated by a particular event, person, or situation? Do you find yourself making lots of emotional decisions in your business or personal life? Do you tend to make snap decisions just to get through a situation, so that you can sweep it under the rug and move on?

Emotions are directly linked to energy levels, and we will explore that further in this program.


Our most precious commodity in the circle of life is TIME.


What the mind cannot do time can!

Without time, nothing happens. Time is also the one thing we cannot trade, switch, or stop.

Sadly, we often misuse our time and realize too late that it slipped through our fingers. I don’t mean to upset you or discourage you by making this statement, but I do want to alert you to the fact that time moves swiftly. We cannot turn back the clock, but we can take hold of this precious commodity today and keep it safe, use it wisely, and appreciate every minute we are given.

You will learn in this program how to harness your time and get the most out of this very valuable resource.


It is that one commodity that holds such magnetism and power. Money impacts our personal lives and our business lives, and it is important that we develop a positive and healthy relationship with it.

What is your current relationship with money? Is it a friend or foe?

In this program, you will learn some very important ways to improve your relationship with money and reach success by practicing an abundant lifestyle.

Looking forward to finding you in the circle of success!

Since Ana Weber-Haber’s earliest days in post-WWII Romania and her childhood in Israel, she has wanted to both live life to the fullest AND make a difference in the world. Her passion for every facet of life has permeated her drive for personal and business success and inspired her to develop numerous innovations. Her creative time management, human resources, operations, and marketing systems have underpinned her own success and helped many others to a fuller life.

The consummate “people person,” Ana approaches every person and every new experience with joy and love. Her employees love to work with her, and her friends love to be around her. And at every company she has helped to manage, she’s helped engineer massive revenue growth. As an example, she took one company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in just five years, while creating 83 new full-time jobs. If you ask Ana the secret of her long string of business successes, she’ll tell you it’s all about building relationships.

In addition to Ana’s many decades of business experience, she has achieved success in multiple parallel careers—as a business “rainmaker,” writer, speaker, life coach, freelance journalist and philanthropist.

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