Last night, we had our good friends Josh and Jenny and their little girl Jayla over for dinner. Jeremiah grilled some tasty barbeque chicken drumsticks and we had corn on the cob and asparagus for sides.

Our little Rebekah, who barely sits still for five minutes, was fussy the whole time and wouldn’t eat. It was difficult to talk among the noise and my plate was neglected. I kept trying to get her to eat something but she only ate a few bites. I got up to clean her off and shortly after I sat down, Jeremiah asked if I could get him a napkin. I had used his on Rebekah.

“I just want to eat my chicken bone!” I said in desperation.

Josh and Jenny started laughing. They understood the life of a mom and they were quite amused at the way I expressed my frustration. Jeremiah ended up getting his napkin and we all started chuckling. When I finally got the chance to eat, my chicken was cold. In fact, my whole plate was.

It’s funny … that moment reminded me that there’s so much that “I” want to do in life, similar to wanting to eat my chicken — in peace preferably.

want more time to myself. You know, more breaks as a stay-at-home mom.

I want to take a trip with my husband. Just the two of us. Somewhere romantic. Really romantic.

want more time to write and blog. I have a lot on my heart, but little time.

secretly wish I could drive to Starbucks every morning, plop down on the sofa with a latte and just write and read my Bible alone.

I want to make a difference in the world. Not just a scratch, but a really big dent.

But really, is life all about me and my dreams and desires or is there something more? 

Scripture says that even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45). And that when we lose our life for the sake of Christ, that’s when we truly find it (Matt. 16:25).

The lie, however, tells us that we’re happier if we look within ourselves to find true joy and happiness. The lie tells us to hold on tightly to our life and to reject Christ’s authority.

But my selfish, sinful nature wages war against my spirit. And living in a culture where everything is about me, it’s difficult to remember that life is about bringing glory to God and that is most often fleshed out through serving others …

Even when it’s difficult, inconvenient, messy or unpredictable.

In my case that evening around the dinner table, I was tired of Rebekah’s fussiness and I wanted to eat. I wanted to fellowship. It had never crossed my mind that helping her was pleasing to God. It was an act of worship. And patiently serving her was exactly what I was called to do in that moment.

Later on in the night, I realized that serving her, every day as a mom, is such a gift. An eternal investment that will impact future generations. Serving her is an opportunity to teach her about God’s love. Most of all, serving her is serving God. I determined to be more aware of that the next day.

Yes, God cares about the big and small desires of our hearts. Even lattes and getaways. But He doesn’t want us to be consumed by them because He is already taking care of those things for us. Greater joy in life is found in giving ourselves away to the people God has put in our lives.

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